Estate Planning Mistakes: Help for Nevadans

Estate planning is a critical process that allows you to protect your assets.

It also helps you provide for your loved ones. Estate planning will make sure your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. 

Some of the wealthiest and most successful people have made costly mistakes. This can lead to long and complicated legal battles for their heirs.

You can learn from their mistakes. This post explores steps to avoid similar issues in our own estate planning. 

Here are five common estate planning mistakes to avoid. These are based on lessons learned from recent, most notorious estate battles.

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Failing to Update Your Estate Plan

One of the most common estate planning mistakes is needing to update your estate plan regularly.

Failing to update an estate plan after major life events can lead to costly disputes and legal battles. 

For example, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away in 2014. His estate plan had not been updated in over a decade. As a result, his estate plan did not reflect his current wishes. It led to disputes over the distribution of his assets.

Keep your estate plan up to date to avoid this mistake. Do this after significant life events. If you get married, you should update your estate. If you have children, you should update the plan. Death in the family or divorce should also be a reason to update your plan.

Not Having a Will

Another common estate planning mistake is when you do not have a will in place. Your assets are distributed according to state law if you do not have a will. This may not reflect your wishes or the needs of your loved ones.

This happened in the case of Prince. Prince passed away in 2016 without a will. This caused a long and complicated legal battle over his estate.

To avoid this mistake, create a will that clearly outlines your wishes. Explain how you want your assets distributed after you pass away.

Failing to Consider Taxes

Taxes can seriously impact the distribution of your estate after you pass away. Failing to consider tax implications can lead to costly mistakes in estate planning. 

For example, the estate of businessman Howard Hughes was subject to a long and expensive legal battle over estate tax issues after his death.

To avoid this mistake, consult with a tax professional or estate planning attorney. They can help ensure your estate plan considers any tax implications.

Neglecting to Name Beneficiaries

Naming beneficiaries is a critical part of estate planning. Many mistakes can be made if not done right. If you don’t name beneficiaries, disputes over the distribution of assets can arise. This can happen if you don’t keep your beneficiaries updated too.

This was the case in the estate battle of actor Heath Ledger, who had failed to update his beneficiary designations after the birth of his daughter.

Name beneficiaries for all your accounts and assets. Update these designations regularly.

Choosing the Wrong Executors or Trustees

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Choosing the wrong executors or trustees can also lead to costly mistakes in estate planning. 

For example, in the case of singer Aretha Franklin, her estate plan named her niece as the executor. This caused a lengthy legal battle between her heirs and the niece over the distribution of her assets.

To avoid this mistake, choose executors and trustees who are trustworthy. Select people who are responsible and capable of carrying out your wishes.


Estate planning is an essential process that can help you protect your assets.

It can provide for your loved ones, and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away.

Learn from the mistakes of high-profile cases. Avoid common estate planning mistakes and create plans that reflect your wishes.

What Next?

Estate planning mistakes can hurt your future.

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