Holiday And Vacation Time After Divorce

It is almost that time of year where the kids are looking forward to being out of school for the school break and parents are ready to take their holiday vacations. However, if you do not have a vacation schedule, or some other plan for the holidays, in your custody orders, that trip to see the relatives may not happen. If you have an order that allows you vacation and/or holiday parenting time with your children, consider these tips for taking a holiday vacation with your kids after the divorce.

Be Clear About the Vacation Time and Holiday Time

In most cases, parents agree in their custody or Nevada divorce decree to a specified time of uninterrupted vacation time with the child or specific holiday visitation. Before you book your prepaid trip, review your custody document and make sure that you have scheduled the correct number of days and confirm that the decree/order is clear about how much time you entitled to. Make sure that you and your ex are on the same page about how vacation and holiday season days are counted, what type of notice is required and what information is required to be provided. Also, be sure that you and your ex are clear about what type of communication the children will have with the other parent when they are on vacation. We have seen many times that a fun trip can turn sour when a parent is constantly calling to check up on the kids.

Plan Ahead and Give Plenty of Notice

Make sure you coordinate your vacation and holiday parenting time with the kids well in advance and that the dates you have selected are open. The last thing you want to have happen is for both of you to pre-pay for a trip for the same dates. Keep in mind that in Nevada, unless your agreement says otherwise, your ex does not need to give you permission to go on vacation – your ex simply needs to be notified of the vacation times. If your agreement requires written permission from the other party to take a vacation, make sure you get the permission in writing either in a letter, email or text.

Provide an Itinerary 

Most custodial orders specify that a parent taking vacation with the children must provide an itinerary to the other parent. This should include the method of travel (airline, bus, train, car, etc.), the dates and times of travel and the place where the children will be staying. It is not necessary to provide the other parent with a breakdown of the activities the children will be doing each day or every hour. Simply providing the dates, methods and times of travel and the place and phone number where the children are staying should be sufficient.

Plan for Contact Between the Children and the Other Parent

Keep in mind that the other parent will still want to speak with the children while they are on vacation and especially if your vacation falls over a major holiday season. Your vacation plans should include some time set aside so the children can share their adventures with the other parent. For younger children, you should consider making arrangements for Skype calls or FaceTime if you have access to the internet. Older children may communicate on their own time, but reminding them to call or communicate with the other parent is also helpful.

Be Respectful of Ex’s Vacation Time

Keep in mind that your ex is entitled to the same uninterrupted vacation time with the children as you. Do your best to allow your ex a good family vacation as well. It is not unusual to feel anxious or nervous about your children being away for an extended period. Use this time as “me” time and do something nice for yourself.

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Molly Rosenblum Allen, Esq., is committed to providing not just legal representation but also the knowledge and resources you need during this pivotal time. We invite you to explore these resources and reach out for personalized guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I consider before booking a holiday trip with my kids?

Learn about reviewing custody documents and coordinating with your ex-partner in advance to avoid conflicts and ensure a smooth vacation experience.

What information should I provide to the other parent about our vacation plans?

Explore the importance of sharing detailed itineraries, including travel arrangements and accommodation details, to maintain transparency and effective communication.

How can I facilitate communication between my children and the other parent during the vacation?

Find out strategies for enabling contact between your children and the other parent while on vacation, ensuring they can share their experiences and maintain a connection.

How can I respect my ex’s vacation time while ensuring my own plans?

Discover ways to navigate co-parenting during holiday vacations respectfully, allowing both parents to enjoy uninterrupted time with their children.

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Offsite Resources You May Find Helpful

Here are some resources that can provide more information and support for dealing with holiday and vacation time after a divorce:

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  2. OurFamilyWizard: OurFamilyWizard is a tool that helps divorced parents manage and communicate about their shared parenting schedule, including holidays and vacations.
  3. Custody X Change: Custody X Change is a software tool that helps parents create and manage custody schedules, including holidays and vacation time.
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  6. FindLaw – Child Custody: FindLaw provides legal information about child custody, including how to handle holidays and vacations.

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