Selecting the Right Divorce Attorney in Nevada: A Guide

After deciding to divorce, the next step is to hire a divorce attorney. But, in most cases, this is easier said than done.

Divorce lawyers have experience in the entire divorce process from beginning to end. We help to smooth over disagreements between opposing parties. We can even lend a sympathetic ear when you’re overwhelmed or upset. 

It would help if you had someone you could rely on who understands your situation and what you want to happen. So, it’s even more important to learn how to choose a divorce attorney.

Choosing a reasonable and experienced attorney to help you with your divorce can be difficult. It’s even more challenging with such a large pool of lawyers. 

It will take some time and research but choosing your legal representation is vital. Here’s what you need to consider before hiring one.

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney in Nevada

Choose Your Lawyer Depending On the Type of Divorce You Want

Divorces are not all the same. 

Before deciding on an attorney, you should determine the type of divorce process best.

There are many types of divorces, from contested to uncontested

Spend some time researching each of these methods and decide which one will work best for you. This step will also help you find the best divorce attorney possible.

For example, if you decide that divorce mediation is the best way to end your marriage. You can then narrow your search to professionals who specialize in mediation.

The level of conflict in the divorce process will also impact how your divorce proceeds. 

Knowing whether you will have a contested divorce is critical to selecting a lawyer. If you want someone who will try to work things out, don’t hire an aggressive one. 

If you know you’ll need an aggressive lawyer, don’t hire a passive lawyer unwilling to fight issues for you. 

For more complex divorce procedures, your spouse may attempt dirty tactics. But how do you play dirty in a divorce? A lawyer experienced in high-conflict methods can counter such tactics.

Why You Haven't Hired a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Yet

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Figure Out Your Budget Before Choosing Your Attorney

Knowing how to choose a divorce attorney means knowing your budget first. 

Most people are aware that lawyers can be pretty expensive for their services. Yet, if you do not plan, you may spend much more than anticipated.

Some people also assume they cannot afford a lawyer. This mindset causes them not to investigate the possibility of hiring one. You may be able to negotiate with an attorney to do only a few things in your case or to agree to a flat fee arrangement.

When calculating your budget, consider:

  • Your lawyer’s fees
  • What you stand to lose in money/assets if you choose an attorney who does not fight for your interests. 

Then, after determining how much you are willing to spend, you can find attorneys in your price range. 

Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Before making your decision, we recommend you make a list of questions ahead of time. 

What do you ask for during a divorce? 

Here are a few examples:

  • What type of divorces do you usually handle?
  • How many divorce cases have you handled?
  • Are you familiar with local family court judges?
  • Do you generally prefer to mediate and negotiate or go to trial?
  • What to ask for during a divorce?

Choose Divorce Attorneys in Nevada

What do you consider first when you need to know how to choose a divorce attorney? Give priority to attorneys who practice in Nevada as we do. For example, If you divorce in Nevada, make sure to pick lawyers experienced in Nevada court. 

Working with a local lawyer has many advantages. The most important of which is familiarity with Nevada divorce laws and judges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce involves both parties and their attorneys working together to reach a mutually acceptable settlement without going to court. It emphasizes cooperation, open communication, and problem-solving to resolve divorce-related issues like child custody, support, and asset division.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree on all key terms and issues related to their divorce, such as child custody, support, property division, and spousal support. Since there is no dispute, an uncontested divorce usually proceeds more smoothly, quickly, and affordably than a contested one.

How does the division of property work in a divorce?

Division of property involves determining how marital assets and debts will be distributed between spouses during a divorce. This includes identifying and valuing marital property like real estate, financial accounts, vehicles, and possessions, then dividing them equitably or equally based on state laws and case circumstances.

Why is it important to hire an experienced divorce attorney?

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is crucial due to the complexity and emotional challenges of divorce proceedings. A knowledgeable attorney specializing in divorce and family law understands legal processes, procedures, and local regulations. They provide guidance, negotiation, rights protection, and work towards the best outcome for your case.

What are divorce proceedings?

Divorce proceedings refer to the legal process of ending a marriage, including filing paperwork, serving divorce papers, and addressing issues like child custody, support, and asset division. They can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigation in court.

What does a family law attorney do?

A family law attorney handles legal matters related to family and domestic relationships, including divorce. They assist with child custody, support, property division, prenuptial agreements, and related issues. Providing advice, representation, and advocacy, they work for the best resolution for their clients.

How are minor children typically handled in a divorce?

When minor children are involved, their well-being is paramount. Custody, visitation, and support are addressed considering factors like the child’s age, relationship with each parent, and their best interests. The court aims to establish arrangements promoting stability, emotional development, and ongoing parental relationships.

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Offsite Resources You May Find Helpful

Here are seven offsite resources that provide information about choosing a divorce attorney in Nevada:

  1. Nevada State Bar: The official site of the Nevada State Bar, providing resources about various legal topics and a directory of lawyers in Nevada.

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  4. Justia: A free platform that provides legal information and a directory of attorneys for various legal issues, including divorce.

  5. American Bar Association: The ABA provides a variety of resources on legal topics, including how to choose an attorney.

  6. LegalMatch: This online legal matching service helps individuals find lawyers in their area, including divorce attorneys in Nevada.

  7. Nolo: This website provides legal information to consumers and small businesses, including articles, blogs, FAQs, and news on family law and how to choose a divorce attorney.

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What's Next?

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