Estate Planning Services That Provide Long-Term Peace of Mind to You and Yours

When Nevada Attorneys Need Financial Protection for their Families - This is What They Do
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How We Can Help You


We can help you decide who inherits your assets and when you want them to get them.

Revocable Trusts

We can help you keep records and information about your assets private after you die.

Irrevocable Trusts

We can help you remove your trust's assets from your taxable estate.

Durable Powers Of Attorney

We can help you give authority to a third party to do things on your behalf if you get incapacitated.

Healthcare Powers Of Attorney

We can help you fully customize which decisions you would like your power of attorney to make for you.

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Who It's For

Senior Citizens

love us because we give them peace of mind regarding their eventual passing.

Young Couples

love us because of the way they feel after we help them do the loving, rational thing for their family members.

Affluent Consumers

love us because we protect their estates from Nevada probate laws that might severely stall their loved ones’ ability to resolve their affairs.

Business Executives

love us because we protect their assets from costly estate taxes.