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At Rosenblum Law Offices, our Juvenile Defense Lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the unique laws that govern children charged with crimes. As a former juvenile probation officer and former criminal prosecutor, our Juvenile Defense Lawyers have unique experience that they bring to representing all of our clients in the juvenile justice system.

Having a child charged with a crime can be scary and intimidating, you don’t want your child to be a juvenile offender. Being charged with a crime as a minor, which will be put on the child’s juvenile record can result in your child being expelled from school, being unable to travel out of State for a period of time and the crime can follow your child into adulthood. 

What kind of crimes can my child be charged with?

Juveniles can be charged with a criminal offense. The top 10 most common juvenile charges in Clark County our juvenile defense lawyers encounter include gun crime, battery, habitual truancy, larceny, possession of marijuana, trespassing, violation of probation, curfew violations and possession or consumption of alcohol. While this is not the entire list of crimes for which your child could be charged, these were the most reported crimes for juvenile offenses in Clark County. These crimes will go on their criminal record as well.

Can my child be charged as an adult?

The answer is yes but only under certain circumstances. If your child is charged with an offense that would be charged as a felony if your child was an adult, it is possible that the District Attorney could ask that the juvenile case be certified for criminal proceedings as an adult. Also, if your child is fourteen years or older at the time the alleged offense was committed, it is possible that the District Attorney could ask that your child be tried as an adult criminal.

Will my child go to prison if convicted of a juvenile crime?

The nature of the crime, the age of your child and the number of times your child has been in trouble will likely determine the outcome of your child juvenile criminal charges. In most cases, children are almost immediately returned to their parent or caregiver after being arrested by law enforcement. Even if your child is detained until their Court hearing, children are often released to their parents by the juvenile court judge.

Why should I hire your juvenile defense lawyers to represent my child?

Any criminal accusation against a child should be taken seriously. The same rules that apply to adults being accused of a crime also apply to children with juvenile charges. Do not let your child speak to law enforcement or any other government agency without having a juvenile defense attorney present. At The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm, our juvenile defense attorneys include a former juvenile probation officer and a former criminal prosecutor. We know the juvenile system from the inside out and we are prepared to defend your child and protect your child’s future. To discuss a juvenile criminal case call our offices today at (702) 433-2889.

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