There is NO money in the world that can buy TRUST and LOYALTY..! I’ve been battling with my right for my son for over 10 years due to difficulties. 3 years ago I was conned by his father to sign SOLÈ legal custody! With proper documents and proofs/evidence Molly Rosenblum and her team was able to get me back my JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY. Furthermore due to his fathers circumstances, I am in the process of taking Primarily Legal custody. Miracles happens when you have the right people fighting for you. I am a witness of it all. I recommend her TO ANY if NOT EVERYONE who’s seeking legal advise or a partner. 🙂 thanks again Molly. I can’t thank you enough.!!
mother and child
Racquel M.
Molly represented me and she did a fantastic job. Molly and her team were very helpful and professional. Very prompt service at reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend Molly she assisted me every step of the process.
thank you
Leonardo M.
Ms Rosenblum is an exceptional attorney. She represented me in a divorce. In overcoming my self inflicted wounds, I could not have had better representation. She is articulate, polished, poised, organized, high-energy and aggressive, She never backs down. I pity any attorney on the other side. The judges appreciate her brilliant legal mind and no non-sense approach. She is always well-prepared and has great instincts. To top it off she is warm, considerate and personable.
father and child
Adam P.
I just wanted to personally say thank you for all of your patience with me during this difficult time for me. Your calm and direct conversation certainly help me to discuss what needed to be done so I could move on with my life and still protect myself. I wish you great success in your career; keep it up! You certainly made a healthy difference in my future life!
Safety and Home Life
When I hear Rosenblum Law Office I think of Win, Professional, Prepared, and Family. Every situation that was thrown my way Sheila and Robert handled it with attention and readiness. Everyone in the office made feel prepared, and confident for all the events that unfolded. Anything I do with with law in the future will be with them
brandon b
Brandon B.
First and foremost, Molly and her team are outstanding. I was seeking advice on a divorce attorney in Las Vegas and 3 different sources I trust had Molly included on their list. I scheduled a consult where she explained the process thoroughly and I retained her that day. Divorce is messy, Family Court is the last place I want to be, but having Rosenblum Allen in my corner gave me confidence I'd come out the other side. The team is always responsive and helpful. I found real value in their service and still find value today. Call them if you need help with Family Court
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Jason S.
I am very satisfied after doing business with Rosenblum Law Offices. They did a fantastic job for me, as the overall outcome was better than expected. They are very down to earth and have no fears of fighting on your behalf, exactly as you would expect from an attorney. They were informative and prepared to handle every possible outcome, good or bad. When I say informative, I mean they were very “to the point” and described just about every direction things could have gone in my particular case, as well as how it could be handled. Lastly, I did not once get the feeling that they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. RALF is definitely in it to win it! I would use them again if needed and would recommend them to anyone I know as well. Not that any court case is fun, but as far as representation goes, I had a great experience. **Two Thumbs Up**
Brandon W.
Hello John, I really appreciate everything you did for my son and I. You’re extremely professional and talented. You came through for us, I could totally see you taking pride in what you do, because your the best!. I would also like to mention Claire, Claire thank you for taking my calls every time and treating me with respect and answering all my questions and making them clear! I truly appreciate it and thank you for everything! If you’re considering the lawyer, this is definitely the whole package, John is extremely professional and understanding. He came through with all his promises. And Claire (the sweetheart answering the phone) is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would love to recommend my family, and friend’s, if they will ever need your help. Truly God sent! Thanks again for everything and God bless you and your family and business in Jesus name.
What are the effects of parental alienation
Jesse M.
Fantastic Experience! Thanks Claire.
pic of a yoing girl on her mom's back and both smiling at the camera
Melissa F.
Sheila walked me through every step and kept me informed of every step. For a very difficult time in my life she was extremely helpful to make this process as smooth and fair as possible.
ryan w
Ryan W.
Highly recommend this place. Phone call was very simple and they were prompt and timely with everything. Best part is that they charge half the price of everyone else in town!
couple photo
Mikey B.
First let me say when I walked into rosenblum law office my anxiety was through the roof my head was a mess and I felt like my whole world was crashing do to my case that I had..when I walk in they were very professional very polite when I presented my case to the team members they assured me that everything was going to be okay and that they would do everything in their power to get me through this …let me know not only were they my lawyers but they are also my friends… They introduced me to an amazing lawyer Sheila.. she sat me down spoke with me on every detail and worked very hard on my case day and night and did not give up on me…. All in all the rosenblum team and my lawyer Sheila did an amazing job I would highly recommend rosenblum law office to anybody in need they’re great.
nice car
Curtis C.
I’m very happy with my experience and results with Rosenblum Allen Law Firm. Molly and Willis were extremely helpful in getting my divorce completed from an uncooperative spouse. Luckily, my case was settled before going to trial, but if we had gone to trial, I had full confidence that we would be the winning team! All the support staff was great as well! During the whole process everyone was professional, communicative, informative and kind. I would definitely use Rosenblum Allen again if needed!
Smiling woman with long blonde hair and sunglasses, outdoors against bright blue sky.
Kristie J.
Highly recommend. Competent, kind, supportive staff, especially Liz Bauer and Kiiya Rodgers. Grateful for their expertise and professionalism. They know the law and will have your best interests at heart.
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Janet M.
Very satisfied , great staff , got what I needed fast and efficiently
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Andres D.
From start to finish everyone at the firm was extremely professional, kind, understanding and helpful. Sheila was assigned to me and was awesome to work with. She communicated and had a very strong attitude in getting things done. The supportive staff was great in answering questions, handling administrative work and making sure things ran smooth. Legal services are expensive and I felt that although it was on the higher end , they were more than understanding when setting up payments and being flexible with the financial side. Overall I would definitely recommend this firm
Quintin G.
Quintin G.

I had multiple consultations with other attorneys to take my case. Liz made me feel that she could handle my case and even though she cannot promise an outcome, she was confident. She was able to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. I moved out of Las Vegas 10 years ago and have had felony warrants for some BS case I got dragged into basically bc I was hanging around the wrong crowd. All the other attorneys I had consults with told me I would have to return to Vegas for the first court date at least and do a book and release. Liz set it up that I didn't have to return to the state at all, I just completed the courts requests from San Diego and they took care of it. That right there was worth it. Shout out to Kiiya her paralegal, she is super fast responding to my inquiries and very knowledgeable. I never once questioned if I made the wrong choice in picking this law firm. Overall I am totally satisfied and thankful this is going to be behind me finally. I'm not sure what all the other negative reviews are about but I am glad I didn't pay attention to them. Thank you !

Kelly R
Kelly R.
Super happy we the level of professionalism and courteous service at this law firm. I feel much more positive about the outcome of my litigation with them behind me. [They] will "go to the mat" with any opposition or daunting task ahead.
Summer A.
Summer A.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Rosenblum Allen Law Firm and Willis Bowden for anyone seeking legal representation. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to their clients' well-being are truly commendable. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to achieve a favorable outcome in my custody case, and I am extremely grateful for their exceptional service. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to this outstanding team. They have my utmost respect and gratitude.
clean record
Brenden R.
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