Testimonials: Satisfied Cliens | Rosenblum Law Las Vegas


Racquel M.

There is NO money in the world that can buy TRUST and LOYALTY..! I’ve been battling with my right for my son for over 10 years due to difficulties. 3 years ago I was conned by his father to sign SOLÈ legal custody! With proper documents and proofs/evidence Molly Rosenblum and her team was able to get me back my JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY. Furthermore due to his fathers circumstances, I am in the process of taking Primarily Legal custody. Miracles happens when you have the right people fighting for you. I am a witness of it all. I recommend her TO ANY if NOT EVERYONE who’s seeking legal advise or a partner. 🙂 thanks again Molly. I can’t thank you enough.!!

Adam P.

Ms Rosenblum is an exceptional attorney. She represented me in a divorce. In overcoming my self inflicted wounds, I could not have had better representation. She is articulate, polished, poised, organized, high-energy and aggressive, She never backs down. I pity any attorney on the other side. The judges appreciate her brilliant legal mind and no non-sense approach. She is always well-prepared and has great instincts. To top it off she is warm, considerate and personable.

Mikey B.

Highly recommend this place. Phone call was very simple and they were prompt and timely with everything. Best part is that they charge half the price of everyone else in town!

Leonardo M.

Molly represented me and she did a fantastic job. Molly and her team were very helpful and professional. Very prompt service at reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend Molly she assisted me every step of the process.

Melissa F.

Fantastic Experience! Thanks Claire.


I just wanted to personally say thank you for all of your patience with me during this difficult time for me. Your calm and direct conversation certainly help me to discuss what needed to be done so I could move on with my life and still protect myself. I wish you great success in your career; keep it up! You certainly made a healthy difference in my future life!