Family Law Legal Relief Program

Times are tough right now, and we get it. 

At Rosenblum Law Offices, we give legal advice because we don’t want people in bad relationships. We also do not want your children to suffer while you have to wait until things get going again before filing a family law case. 

In these highly uncertain times, Rosenblum Law Offices is pleased to announce our Family Law Legal Relief Program. 

What is Rosenblum Law Offices’ Family Law Legal Relief Program? 

The Family Law Legal Relief Program (FLLRP) allows qualified clients to file a child custody case, divorce action, child support case, Nevada guardianship, or other family law matter now.

Through the FLLRP, Rosenblum Law Offices will provide discounted legal services to individuals who need help with a family law case now. 

The FLLRP allows Rosenblum Law Offices to provide legal representation to qualified family law clients using a highly aggressive pricing model. This includes significantly discounted, and fixed-fee arrangements as well as fee deferrals that elongate the payment cycle and give qualified candidates flexibility with cash flow.

Who Qualifies for FLLRP?

Those who seek to file a new family law case, or those involved in qualified on-going cases, can qualify for the FLLRP. To determine whether you are eligible for the FLLRP, you will need to submit an intake form and answer a few questions. 

How Is Pricing for The FLLRP Different Than Your Regular Fees?

Before coronavirus, Rosenblum Law Offices functioned like many other firms. We did not offer free consultations, and we required a retainer for our work. 

But then the crisis hit. 

Business was shut down, and people were laid off. Unfortunately, their legal problems didn’t take a break and continue to mount up. 

So, to help our community get legal representation now, the FLLRP offers the following:

Free consultations for qualified clients.

  • Discounts on legal representation of up to 50% or more for qualified clients.
  • Deferral of payments for specific fees depending on qualifications
  • Flat fee arrangements and flexible payment options for clients that qualify

How Do I Apply for the Family Law Legal Relief Program?

To learn more about the FLLRP, please call us at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our online form.  You can also text us from our website by clicking the text icon at