How Much is Alimony in Nevada?

How much is alimony in Nevada? 

Various factors determine this.

Alimony is money one spouse pays the other when they get divorced. This money often gets awarded to the spouse that makes the least money.

In Nevada, a judge has the right to determine alimony payments during a divorce hearing. 

Several factors help determine who gets maintenance and for how much money.

Read on to learn how much alimony costs and how it gets determined in Nevada.

How Much is Alimony in Nevada_

What Types of Alimony Exist in Nevada?

Four types of divorce exist in Nevada. 

 They include:

  1. Temporary. If a spouse is dependent on the other, they might get granted support.

  2. Short-term. This type of alimony gets granted for a set period. This support often ends after a particular event. For instance, a spouse may need maintenance for a year to adjust to a post-divorce lifestyle.

  3. Permanent. While less common, this type of payment is for people who were in long-term marriages. This alimony occurs when one spouse is dependent on the other for money.
  4. Rehabilitative. The court wants to ensure that both spouses are on an equal footing. So, alimony may get granted if: 
  • One spouse obtained job skills or training during the marriage
  • One spouse gave monetary support to the other while gaining an education or training.

What Determines Who Gets Alimony?

So what qualifies a spouse for alimony?

There are a few factors that determine who gets alimony in a divorce. Several things get considered when the court decides who gets maintenance.

How long does your marriage have to be for you or your spouse to get alimony?

The length of the marriage is the first factor.

Generally, a couple’s marriage must last between three and twenty years. Any time less than that may not qualify you for alimony.

The alimony payment period is usually half, or even forty percent, of the time of the marriage. For instance, if your marriage lasted ten years, you or your spouse may be eligible for alimony for four to five years.

Permanent alimony is possible if your marriage lasts for longer than twenty years.

Was your marriage short-term?

If so, was your and your spouse a massive difference in income?

In that case, one partner may get awarded short-term alimony until they make up the lost income.

If a wife makes much more than her spouse, she may be responsible for alimony payments. In bygone eras, the husband usually paid the wife alimony. But, as more women are active in the workforce, this is not always the case.

When Does the Judge Determine Alimony is Due?

Alimony does not consistently get awarded in a court decision. These factors consider:

When there is a disparity in income

When the couple’s marriage or domestic partnership lasted for an extended period

When a spouse needs financial support due to a health issue

When a spouse needs retraining to get back into the workforce

These factors help a judge determine if one spouse is eligible for alimony payments. Your attorney can help you decide if you may qualify for alimony or if you may owe your spouse alimony.

Nevada is a no-fault state.

That means a spouse’s wrongdoing does not mean their partner is eligible for alimony. If their actions caused economic harm, a judge might grant temporary spousal support. The same is true if one of the spouses needs immediate financial help.

What Determines How Much Alimony Costs?

How much is alimony? A few factors can help a judge determine how much one spouse pays the other.

Other considerations when determining alimony include:

  • The standard of living in which both spouses are used to living
  • The career of both spouses before the marriage
  • Whether one spouse has increased the career of the other spouse
  • Age and education of both parties
  • The paying spouse’s ability to pay alimony

While Nevada does not have an alimony formula, this can give you an idea of how much alimony will cost. A skilled divorce attorney will help ensure you get the best result for your alimony payment.

Seek Legal Advice

How much is alimony in Nevada?

It is a complicated question that depends on several factors.

Depending on which side of the divorce you are on, you will want to get as much money as possible to support yourself.

If the shoe is on the other foot, you don’t want to pay so much alimony it causes hardship to yourself.

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