Burglary Vs. Robbery In Nevada

Burglary Vs. Robbery

Burglary and robbery are very similar crimes. They both have similar penalties under the law as felonies. In some cases, a person may get charged with armed robbery and burglary for the same crime. 

It is essential to know the difference between burglary vs. robbery. If you get charged with one or the other, it is vital to understand what the actual charges entail and the penalties for each crime.

Burglary Vs. Robbery In Nevada

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the two crimes and their penalties.

What Does Burglary Mean?

As defined by most state laws, burglary is the unlawful entry of a home or business, at night, with the intent to commit a crime. In most states, the intended crime has to be theft (also known as larceny) to count as burglary. In other states, physical breaking and entering of a premise is required and can carry the additional charge of “home invasion.”

In Nevada, the definition of burglary is much broader. 

Burglary gets defined as any person who enters a structure (be it a home, business, vehicle, or any building) with the intent to commit larceny, assault, battery, or obtain money or property under false pretenses, or any other felony while inside.

Burglary is considered a severe crime in Nevada and classified as a Class B felony. This class of crime carries the penalty of 1-10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

What is the Difference Between Burglary and Robbery?

Many people get burglary and robbery confused. 

While they are similar crimes, they carry different penalties and entail other elements. Robbery can occur during the violent crime of burglary.

While burglary involves unlawful entry into a structure, robbery pertains to how a person obtains the property they want. Robbery uses force or fear to get someone else’s property or facilitate an escape.

For example, let’s say a person enters a convenience store with the intent to steal from the cash register. At this point, they are in the process of burglary. However, once they pull a deadly weapon on the cashier to intimidate them into giving them money, it also becomes a robbery. 

A suspect can get charged with both crimes in the same instance. Both robbery and burglary are serious crimes and carry the consequences of a Class B felony.

What to Do If Charged With Burglary or Robbery

Burglary and robbery are both serious crimes. 

You need someone who knows the laws and the definitions of the crimes you get accused of committing. The prosecutor’s job is to prove that you are guilty of the crime and what level of punishment you deserve. A skilled defense attorney may be able to get the charges reduced, a reduced sentence, or possibly get the charges dropped.

If you face burglary charges in Nevada, you need the best criminal defense attorney around. Contact our team and let us help you find the best resolution to your problem.

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