Third-Time DUI Charges in Las Vegas

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Defending Against a Third DUI Charge in Nevada

Facing a third DUI arrest and charge in Nevada can feel devastating. However, skilled legal help can still significantly affect the outcome. Contact our firm for urgent assistance.

How a Third DUI is Treated in Nevada

A third DUI offense within seven years in Nevada is prosecuted as a category B felony. This exposes you to some of the harshest DUI penalties possible, including:

  • 2 to 15 years in Nevada state prison
  • Fines up to $5,000
  • 3-year driver’s license revocation
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Mandatory interlock device requirement

A third DUI has eight driver’s license demerit points added to your DMV record. This results in extremely high insurance rates.

The stakes are high. However, an aggressive criminal defense lawyer can still provide options to mitigate penalties. Defenses may focus on chemical test limitations, improper police procedures, technicalities with prior DUIs, and creative sentencing alternatives.

Act Swiftly to Protect Your Rights

Retaining an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately after being arrested or charged with a third DUI is critical. Here’s why:

  • Prosecutors typically pursue maximum penalties
  • Valuable evidence can be lost over time
  • Witnesses’ memories fade, hurting your defense
  • Swift action is needed to try to avoid license revocation

Don’t wait to get legal help on your side. An attorney can urgently start assessing your case details, gathering evidence, requesting police reports, and preparing the most robust defense strategy possible.

Pre-trial detention is also very likely with a third offense, making prompt legal representation all the more vital. Take action now!

Why Choose Us For Your Third DUI Defense?

The Rosenblum Law Firm has a proven track record explicitly defending third DUIs in Nevada.

Our experienced DUI defense lawyers can advocate for you, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of Nevada DUI laws and penalties
  • Tenacious litigation skills, fighting for clients
  • Compassionate and caring legal guidance
  • Urgent response and thorough investigation
  • Creative sentencing alternatives and mitigation strategies
  • History of favorable outcomes for past clients

Don’t risk your future alone. Put our legal team with extensive DUI defense experience on your side today.

Call now for a free case review and get answers about how we can aggressively defend your rights after a third DUI.

This is a critical time, but strong advocates make a difference. Fight back!

Motion to Suppress Prior DUIs

An attorney may file motions to suppress evidence of your prior DUI convictions if those cases involved illegal searches, lack of probable cause for arrest, or other constitutional violations. Getting priors tossed can mean less severe sentencing.

Negotiate Reduced Charges

Pleading guilty or no contest to reduced charges like reckless driving, DUI drugs instead of DUI alcohol, or lower-level felonies may be negotiated by your attorney to avoid a third DUI conviction.

House Arrest Options

If eligible based on criminal history, house arrest may be arranged as an alternative to prison time for a third DUI. This allows for maintaining employment with strict monitoring.

Inpatient Treatment

Voluntarily entering residential alcohol treatment programs before sentencing shows a commitment to rehabilitation and can positively influence sentencing outcomes.

Sentencing Mitigation

When advocating for the lightest sentence, the defense presents mitigating info to the judge, such as a need for substance abuse treatment, employment impacts, and family obligations.

Penalty Hearings

Your attorney may request evidentiary hearings to present evidence and expert testimony challenging license revocation periods and other DUI penalties to reduce them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss my arraignment date after a third DUI arrest?

Missing your scheduled arraignment will result in a bench warrant issued for your arrest for failure to appear.

Am I eligible for work release instead of prison for a third DUI?

Work release may be an option, depending on your criminal history. Your attorney can request it from the court.

Can I serve house arrest in another state instead of Nevada?

Out-of-state house arrest is rarely permitted but may be negotiated in limited circumstances based on solid ties elsewhere.

How soon after my arrest should I contact a defense attorney?

Immediately. The sooner an attorney gets involved after arrest, the better to avoid license revocation and begin building your defense.

Are plea bargains still possible with a third DUI charge?

Yes, depending on the circumstances, your attorney may still be able to negotiate plea deals for lesser charges like reckless driving.

Can I get an ignition interlock device instead of a license revocation?

No, the interlock device requirement is mandatory in addition to the multi-year revocation period with a third offense.

What are sentencing mitigation hearings?

Hearings where the defense presents information arguing for the lightest possible sentence and against maximum penalties.

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DUI – Driving Under the Influence, also called DWI or OWI. Refers to operating a vehicle while impaired.

Felony – A serious crime punishable by more than one year in prison. A third DUI is a felony in Nevada.

Suppress – To exclude evidence because it was illegally obtained and done by filing suppression motions.

Revocation – The DMV terminates a driver’s license, requiring re-application. More severe than a suspension.

Forfeiture – The seizure of property, such as a vehicle, by law enforcement following a conviction.

Interlock Device – Breath testing device connected to a vehicle’s ignition to prevent it from starting if alcohol is detected.

Demerit Points – Points added to a driver’s license following conviction for offenses like DUI. Too many leads to suspension.

House Arrest – A condition of probation confining someone to their home with electronic monitoring instead of jail.

Mitigation – Presenting information to the judge to reduce penalties and encourage the lightest sentence possible.

Plea Bargain – Negotiated deals between the defense and prosecution involving pleading guilty for reduced charges/penalties.

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