Adopting Step-Children

Adopting Step-Children

Families come in all shapes and sizes. In Nevada, blended families are common. Often, with blended families, the question may arise regarding the Nevada adoption of stepchildren. Like any other adoption case, adopting a stepchild is not always an easy process. This article sheds light on what you can expect.

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Adoption is usually the most rewarding type of law family law attorneys do. It gives permanency to children and helps parents grow their family. However, the process can be difficult to navigate. Step children adoptions may not be as other adoptions but there are still challenges. If you are considering a step-child adoption, you should know your legal options and understand the complexities of the step-child adoption process.

What is the process for adopting a stepchild?

For adoptive parents, the first step in adopting a step-child is terminating the biological parent’s rights. This can be very difficult if the biological parent does not agree to it. After parental rights have been terminated, the adoptive parents can start the adoption process.

The second step is to adopt. The process begins by filing a petition with the Court asking to adopt. You must identify yourself, the children and your spouse. You must disclose information about your background such as whether or not you have been convicted of any felonies, whether or not you have been charged with abuse or neglect of a child and whether or not you have ever had certain types of licenses taken away from you. Depending upon your circumstances, you may need a home-study especially if you have a prior abuse and neglect allegation or if you have been convicted of certain types of felonies. You will need to attend a hearing and confirm before a judge that you wish to adopt. Also, if you are adopting a child over the age of 14, the child must agree to be adopted.

How long does the adoption process take for step-children?

Assuming there is nothing in your background that requires a home-study or delays the proceedings, usually an adoption can take place quickly. Often, a step-parent adoption can occur in less the two months. Mostly, this depends on how quickly you can get your paperwork filed with the Court and get a court date with the judge.

Once I adopt what happens?

Once the adoption is finalized, you become the legal parent of your step-children. This carries all of the parental rights and responsibilities as if the child was born to you. This means that you are responsible for the child’s health, safety and welfare. Your step-children will also have the right to inherit from you as if they were children born to you.

What else should I know about adopting a stepchild?

Step-parent adoptions are amazing events in our family court. We strongly recommend that you have family members present for the adoption hearing. Take lots of pictures and you might even consider have a professional photographer there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are involved in adopting a stepchild?

The process typically begins with terminating the biological parent’s rights, followed by filing a petition with the Court for adoption. It’s essential to gather all necessary documentation and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

How long does it take to complete the adoption process for stepchildren?

Assuming no delays, a step-parent adoption can usually be finalized in less than two months. However, the timeline may vary depending on individual circumstances and court schedules.

What are the legal implications once the adoption is finalized?

Upon finalization, you gain full legal parental rights and responsibilities for your stepchildren. This includes making decisions about their health, education, and general welfare.

Are there any additional considerations for adopting a stepchild?

It’s recommended to have family members present at the adoption hearing and consider hiring a professional photographer. Creating lasting memories of this special event can be invaluable for both you and your stepchildren.

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Offsite Resources You May Find Helpful

Here are some resources that can provide more information and support for those interested in step-child adoption:

  1. Child Welfare Information Gateway: This site offers resources on child welfare, adoption, and more.

  2. North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC): A non-profit organization that supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive and every child in foster care has a permanent, safe, loving family.

  3. AdoptUSKids: A national project working to ensure that children and teens in foster care get safe, loving, permanent families.

  4. National Adoption Center: This organization expands adoption opportunities throughout the United States for children with special needs and those from minority cultures.

  5. Avvo: Avvo offers a Q&A forum where users can ask legal questions and get answers from lawyers, as well as a directory of lawyers by specialty.

  6. FindLaw – Adoption: FindLaw provides free legal information, a lawyer directory, and other resources related to family law and adoption.

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