Divorce and Owning a Business

It is common for spouses to work together or even own a business jointly. But being business partners when your marriage ends can be tricky, so getting the right legal advice is vital.

Having a prenuptial agreement can simplify this process when deciding who will own the business, who will work in the business, or how the company will be divided after a Nevada divorce. It can provide clarity and provide an extra layer of security for both parties involved.

In this article we address some options for divorcing and dividing your business.

Sell the Business

Probably one of the easiest things to say and the hardest things to do is sell the family-owned business. If this is a possibility for your business, this is usually the fastest option for getting divorced when a business is involved. To sell the business, we recommend hiring an expert to value or appraise the business to determine the best sale price. Then it simply becomes a matter of how the profits will be divided between the spouses.

Of course, this approach might not suit a thriving business with an extended lifespan. In such cases, you should consider the alternative strategies outlined below. If you’re considering protecting your marital asset, this could also be a great choice!

Continue to Work In The Business Together

This would be the other extreme of selling the business. However, if you and your ex can maintain a professional relationship and keep their interests in the business separate, then there’s no need to change anything. You can continue co-owning the company with separate property, preserving what you’ve built together as business owners.

The other benefit of continuing business ownership together means you will not have to endure costly and time-consuming divorce proceedings or get expensive professionals to determine the value of your business for sale or division.

However, remaining in business with your ex means you likely see each other every day or at least need to deal with each other enough to ensure the success of your business. If this is not an option, you should consider selling the business or buying out your ex.

One Spouse Buys Out the Other’s Half of the Business

Your business will be considered an asset of the divorce. Therefore, the Court will not be swayed by emotions, such as I founded the business or I love my business. Instead, your divorce judge will consider business, and the terms of a buy-out, from a purely financial perspective.

To determine how much of a buy out is necessary, you will have to hire an expert to provide a business valuation. Once a value has been determined, one spouse can buy the other spouse’s half of the business, or other assets can be leveraged for an even exchange.

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