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Traffic Tickets

No questions that getting a traffic ticket can be a pain. Just keep in mind that almost everyone with a driver's license has received one traffic ticket or will receive a traffic ticket at some time. Our traffic ticket attorneys have over 25 years of experience and have resolved over 2,000 tickets. 

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Family Law

We have   nearly   20   years   of   combined experience successfully   representing individuals   in   thousands   of different family law matters.   Whether it is an uncontested divorce or a child custody trial, our family law attorneys can  handle any family law case.                 

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Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be confusing and stressful. Don't leave your freedom to chance. Our criminal team is lead by a former prosecutor with hundreds of criminal trials under his belt. Whether a felony, misdemeanor or traffic ticket, we can help.          

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Why Hire Our Law Firm

The attorneys at Rosenblum Law Offices know what's at stake for you. Whether it is a criminal case, family law matter or litigation matter, our experienced and aggressive attorneys will: Listen to you and understand your goals, Work with you to build the best possible case, Advocate for your rights at every stage, Provide affordable retainers and payment options

Our legal team is committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of our legal system in order to obtain the results they deserve.  

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