What You Should Know About Bench Warrants From Your Las Vegas Lawyer

What you should know about bench warrants from your las vegas lawyer

If you have an outstanding bench warrant in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas, The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm can get it cleared up quickly and, in most cases, without you having to appear in Court and risk getting arrested.

 A outstanding bench warrant can haunt you for the rest of your life. Our Bench Warrant Lawyers will go to Court for you to help you clear up your Las Vegas warrant

What is a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is a court order issued to law enforcement requiring the arrest of a person who is wanted by the court.  Sometimes, the prosecutor may ask the Court to issue a bench warrant when a party fails to appear for Court. This can occur without notice to the party who is the subject of the outstanding warrant.

How can a bench warrant lawyer help me with my Las Vegas warrant?

In most cases, a bench warrant lawyer can ask the judge to recall or quash the active warrant. If the Court agrees to recall the outstanding warrant or quash the warrant, usually the judge will put the underlying matter (traffic ticket, DUI, etc.) back on the Court’s calendar for a resolution. Most of the time, if a bench warrant is recalled, the judge may resolve the entire matter at the same time. 

Why should I hire you to assist with my Las Vegas bench warrant?

Having legal representation during the bench warrant recall process is highly advised due to the fact many people are remanded or taken into custody when appearing on old arrest warrants, competent legal counsel can take the necessary steps to avoid this from occurring. 

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