What You Should Know About Bench Warrants From Your Las Vegas Lawyer

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What you should know about bench warrants from your las vegas lawyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bench warrant?

A bench warrant is issued by a judge when someone fails to appear for a court hearing or violates their bail, probation, or parole conditions. It authorizes law enforcement to arrest the individual.

Why might a bench warrant be issued for me?

Bench warrants are typically issued for reasons such as missing a court date, violating probation terms, failing drug tests, or not completing required counseling or classes.

What happens when a bench warrant is issued?

Law enforcement will actively search for the individual with the warrant to arrest them and bring them before the court for the original charges.

What should I do if I have an outstanding bench warrant?

It’s crucial not to ignore a bench warrant. Immediately seek legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer who can help recall the warrant and guide you through the legal process.

What happens when I am arrested on a bench warrant?

If arrested, you will be taken into custody, processed, and held until your court hearing. The judge may modify bail terms or impose additional penalties.

How can I get a bench warrant cleared?

A criminal defense attorney can file a motion to recall the warrant and negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. Providing a valid explanation for missing court or violating terms is essential.

Will I get jail time for a bench warrant?

The outcome varies depending on the circumstances. Jail time is possible, especially for severe charges, but alternatives like community service or fines may be negotiated by your attorney.

Can I get arrested on a bench warrant in another state?

Yes, bench warrants are entered into national databases accessible by law enforcement nationwide. If stopped or arrested out-of-state, you may be detained and extradited back to the issuing jurisdiction.

How long is a bench warrant active?

Bench warrants do not expire and can remain active for years. Seeking legal assistance promptly is crucial to address the warrant and resolve the underlying charges.

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Bench warrant

An arrest warrant issued by a judge when a defendant fails to appear for a court hearing or violates bail, probation, or parole.

Arrest warrant

A warrant issued by a judge that authorizes police to arrest and detain a person suspected of or charged with a crime.

Motion to quash

A request filed by a defense attorney asking the court to recall or cancel a warrant.

Motion to recall

A motion filed by a defense lawyer to get a bench warrant withdrawn so the defendant can appear before the court.


The process of transferring a defendant from one state to the jurisdiction where an outstanding warrant was issued.


To cancel or void a warrant so it has no further legal effect.


To withdraw or cancel an active bench warrant.


The court’s authority to hear a criminal case based on geographic boundaries.

Prosecutor/District Attorney (DA)

The lawyer representing the state/government side in a criminal case.


The person charged with a crime in a criminal prosecution.

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