Custody Battle Success Story – The Phoenix Strategy


Today, we’re going to show you how Sarah overcame a series of devastating events to regain custody of her child, Emily, using our unique Phoenix Strategy. This case highlights the resilience of a mother and the importance of effective legal intervention in custody battles.

Mother's Custody Battle Victory with the Phoenix Strategy

Results Using the Phoenix Strategy

Using our Phoenix Strategy at The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm, Sarah was able to:

  • Achieve full custody of her daughter, Emily.
  • Successfully file emergency motions to locate and retrieve her daughter.
  • Overcome legal and personal obstacles to reunite with her child.

Sarah’s Journey Through Heartbreak

Sarah faced multiple challenges:

  • The tragic loss of a child due to accidental drowning.
  • The breakdown of her marriage and subsequent addiction to alcohol.
  • The involvement of CPS, leading to the temporary loss of her child, Emily.

Challenges Along the Way

  • Sarah’s history with addiction made it difficult for her to regain custody.
  • The abusive relationship with Mark further complicated her situation.
  • Mark absconded with Emily to Illinois, making it hard for Sarah to even see her daughter.

Our Unique Approach: The Phoenix Strategy

At The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm, we developed the Phoenix Strategy:

  • Assisted Sarah in filing emergency motions for court intervention.
  • Provided continuous legal support to navigate the complicated custody laws.
  • Used our knowledge to demonstrate Sarah’s rehabilitation and dedication to her child in court.

Detailed Steps to Success

  • Rehabilitation and Sobriety: Sarah went to rehab and achieved sobriety.
  • Emergency Motions: Filed emergency motions to address the immediate threat posed by Mark absconding with Emily.
  • Court Presentation: Presented a strong case in court, emphasizing Sarah’s rehabilitation and the best interest of Emily.
  • Collaboration with Authorities: Worked with authorities in Illinois to locate and retrieve Emily.
  • Full Custody Achievement: Successfully argued for full custody, highlighting Sarah’s stable and supportive environment.
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Breaking It All Down

Sarah is now happily reunited with Emily and continues to thrive in her sobriety. This case underscores the importance of expert legal intervention and the incredible strength of a mother fighting for her child.

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A Special Message from Our Lead Attorney, Molly Rosenblum Allen, Esq

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