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John T.

  • Parties divorced after being married for 20 years with a home, retirement accounts, debts and adult children
  • Wife initially offered that John get nothing. She wanted to keep her entire retirement and pay him a small amount for the equity in their home. 
  • The Rosenblum Allen Divorce Team successfully negotiated for our client to receive his share of his wife’s retirement, no alimony and his share of the value of the marital residence

Kaela F.

  • Parties were married for 6 years. Husband owned a business and wife was a healthcare executive.
  • Husband initially demanded he keep his business, wife pay alimony and he receive part of wife’s stock-options. Husband also sought to receive twice as much from the sale of the marital residence than wife. 
  • We successfully negotiated a settlement for our client that resulted in an equal division of the proceeds from the sale of their home. Wife also retained 100% of her, keep her stock options and pay no alimony. 
  • Husband spent over $25,000 in lawyer fees compared to wife who spent just over $5,000. 

Hector C.

  • Parties were married for 6 years, lived separately, had young children and owned a business together
  • Wife originally sought to relocate with the parties’ children. Wife also asked for alimony, child support and one-half of client’s business
  • We successfully negotiated that our client receive joint physical custody of the minor children, pay no child support, pay no alimony and kept 100% of his business

William A.

  • Parties were married approximately 15 years. Husband owned a business, cash assets, home and cars
  • Wife requested a 50/50 split of all assets and debts.
  • Matter was resolved for a $25,000+ cash settlement. Husband kept business, cars, home and paid no alimony.

Holly S.

  • Case involved a long term marriage. Wife owned a business, marital residence and assets. No children were involved. Husband shot wife’s boyfriend.
  • Husband requested half the business, life-time alimony and half of the marital residence.
  • Husband received a check for $30,000. Wife kept the business, house and no alimony. 

Sam O.

  • Parties were married over 30 years. No minor children but adult children. Husband owned a business that the parties built together during their marriage and vehicles. Client alleged marital waste.
  • Husband offered wife $100,000 and $1,500 per month in alimony for 5 years. 
  • Matter went to trial and wife received over $150,000 and $8,000 a month in alimony for over 10 years.

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The price of a divorce can be a couple of hundred dollars or several hundred thousand dollars. There are lots of reasons for this.

First, where you file for divorce can cause fees to go up.  Fees vary from county to county. Some counties may be cheaper than others to file. Also, the type of divorce you file (uncontested, joint petition, contested) can make divorce costs go up. If you hire an attorney, the fees can also vary depending on how complicated your case is.

At Rosenblum Allen Law Firm, our divorce packages start at $1,500. That being said, we also divorces that cost tens of thousands of dollars due to the complexity and the animosity of the spouses.

 Beware of services promising a divorce for $150 or $500 – make sure this includes all fees and costs and make sure the case is being handled by an attorney. It is always best to meet with a divorce lawyer to discuss your specific case.

The fastest way to get divorced in Nevada is with a joint petition. A joint petition divorce means that the spouses agree on how everything will be split up. Usually, it takes about 72 hours from the time the joint petition is filed until the divorce is finalized. With a joint petition, there is no court required. It is just paperwork. 

Joint petitions can be complicated and require detailed paperwork. If you are interested in learning more about a joint petition for your divorce, we recommend that you consult with an attorney to discuss the specifics. 

It is not unusual that when divorce happens, one spouse feels anger and resentment. A spouse may not want to get divorced. There are ways to fight a divorce and to make the divorce process long and painful. But in the end, divorce is inevitable.  However, in Nevada, if one side wants a divorce, the Court will grant it, even if the other spouse doesn’t want it. 

Whether or not one spouse can keep the marital residence after divorce depends on a number of factors. First, it will depend when and how the home was acquired. If your spouse bought the residence in only their name before marriage, it is less likely you will be able to keep the house once you are divorce – though it’s not impossible. Second, it will depend on your financial situation. You may need to buy out your spouse’s community property interest in the house. If you have enough funds to do this, or if you can refinance the home and take cash out to pay off your ex, you may be able to keep your home. There are other ways to structure divorce settlements if keeping your home is something you truly want to explore. We suggest speaking with a qualified divorce lawyer to learn more. 

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