Driving Too Slowly in Las Vegas

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If you received a citation in Nevada for allegedly driving too slowly, don’t just accept it. The circumstances are often unclear, but a knowledgeable traffic lawyer can adequately challenge the ticket’s validity through the legal process. Contact us for a consultation about fighting your driving too slowly allegation.

Understanding Nevada’s Minimum Speed Limit Laws

While most tickets involve speeding, driving too far under the minimum posted speed is also illegal in Nevada. Fines start around $50. However, heavy traffic, weather conditions, and other factors can make obeying minimum speeds difficult or unsafe. A skilled attorney knows how to fight questionable slow-driving tickets.

Building an Effective Legal Defense Against the Citation

Experienced traffic citation lawyers know how to craft strong defenses against driving too slowly allegations, such as:

  • There was no minimum speed sign posted
  • Traffic, construction, or road conditions necessitated slower driving
  • Inclement weather like rain or snow made posted speeds unsafe
  • Your slow speed was reasonable and prudent under the circumstances
  • The officer did not correctly document your alleged speed
  • Technical errors or issues with how the ticket was written

Our attorneys thoroughly examine the facts to build the most robust case possible. We then negotiate assertively with prosecutors or advocate for dismissal in court. Don’t settle for an unjust citation – fight back!

Why Retain Us for Your Traffic Citation Defense?

Our firm has achieved thousands of dismissals and reduced Nevada traffic tickets over decades of experience. We have the proven record, expertise, and resources to put the odds in your favor, including:

  • Subject matter expertise regarding traffic stop laws and defense strategies
  • Meticulous examination of citations for technical flaws
  • Tenacious negotiation skills to obtain plea deals or dismissals
  • Demonstrated courtroom litigation success
  • Utilization of expert witnesses on accident reconstruction or traffic engineering
  • Convenience of remote capabilities for out-of-state drivers

Don’t let an unjust ticket go unchallenged. Contact us 24/7 for legal help fighting your Nevada driving too slowly citation today!

Mitigation Hearings

If the ticket is not dismissed, we advocate for reduced fines and fees during these hearings.

Payment Plans

If fines are imposed, we work to arrange manageable payment plans to ease the burden.

Driver's License Points

These citations can add points to your license. We help avoid that.

Expert Testimony

We leverage traffic specialists as expert witnesses to refute allegations if needed.

Scene Inspection

Thoroughly examining the alleged violation scene for potential defense arguments.

Insurance Issues

We ensure any reductions or dismissals are reported to your insurer to prevent problems.

Out-of-State Drivers

Our remote capabilities make it easy to defend drivers from other states.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I was driving cautiously due to poor weather conditions?

Unsafe weather like rain, snow, or fog can justify driving below the minimum speed limit.

Do I have to appear in court, or can my lawyer handle it?

In most cases, your attorney can represent you in court, so you don’t have to appear personally.

Am I still liable if I was driving a rental car or company vehicle?

Yes, you are responsible for any citation you receive, even in a rental or borrowed car.

Can my license be suspended for driving too slowly in Nevada?

It’s unlikely for a first offense, but it could be possible for repeat occurrences. An attorney can help prevent suspension.

What should I do if I legitimately could not afford to drive faster?

Inform your lawyer to explain financial hardship and request fine reductions or a payment plan from the court.

Can I take driving school for driving too slowly citation?

Completing defensive driving school may help get specific citations dismissed or reduced.

How many points can this ticket add to my license?

In Nevada, driving too slowly convictions typically add three demerit points to your license.

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Citation – An official ticket issued for a traffic violation offense.

Dismissal – When a citation is dismissed by the court, canceling your responsibility for fines and points.

Minimum Speed Limit – The lowest permitted speed on a given road, typically posted along with maximum limits.

Mitigation Hearing – A court hearing where you can present information arguing for reduced fines and penalties.

Demerit Points – Points added to your driver’s license following certain convictions, potentially resulting in suspension.

Negligence – Failure to exercise proper caution and reasonable care while driving.

Weather Conditions – Environmental factors like rain, snow, fog, etc., can impact safe driving speeds.

Technicality – A minor technical error or issue with how a ticket was written that may invalidate it.

Plea Deal – An agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty in return for lesser charges, fines, or dismissed citations.

Evidence – Proof presented in court to fight a ticket, like weather reports, photos, or dashcam video.

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Additional Resources for You

Our lead attorney, Molly Rosenblum, Esq, has created several resources to assist you in your time of need. Below you will find a list of these resources:

Please note that while these resources provide valuable information, they are not a replacement for legal advice. Always consult with a professional for your specific situation.

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