Amie Godinez

Amie is originally from the Mid-West and attended the University of Toledo, Ohio. She graduated with a degree in Spanish but she also studied educational theory, curriculum and instruction and educational psychology. After her graduation from college, Amie spent 28 years as a high school Spanish teacher before retiring from the school district. Amie then spent two years working as a medical receptionist at an extremely busy foot and ankle medical practice. Amie wanted a change of scenery and decided to pursue a reception position in the law. Amie joined the Rosenblum Allen Law Firm in early 2022 where her primary responsibilities are greeting clients, scheduling appointments and serving as the first point of contact for everyone who interacts with the Firm.

Some Interesting Facts About Amie

Organization/Completing Projects

None currently – was watching La Reina del Flow

I used to but not now

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