Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas

Don’t Just Pay Your Speeding Ticket – Fight It!

Get Experienced Legal Help Challenging Unfair Citations

If you received a speeding ticket in Nevada, don’t just pay the fine.

Skilled speeding ticket lawyers know how to examine the evidence, identify technical errors, and build strong defenses to get unfair citations dismissed.

Let us help protect your driving record and avoid increased insurance rates.

How Speeding Tickets Work in Nevada

Speeding fines in Nevada range from $50 to $1000, depending on how much over the limit you were accused of driving. Points can also be added to your license, raising your insurance costs. Even just five mph over can lead to tickets. But were you correctly identified? Radar calibrated? Defense options exist.

Build an Effective Speeding Ticket Defense

An accomplished speeding ticket attorney will thoroughly review your citation for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to challenge, including:

  • Radar device calibration issues
  • Lack of positive vehicle identification
  • Insufficient notice of speed limit changes
  • Questions about the officer’s visual estimation
  • Procedural errors in issuing the ticket
  • Problems with how evidence was obtained

Experienced lawyers know how to obtain discovery, raise reasonable doubt, and craft a winning defense strategy. We appear in court on your behalf and aggressively contest questionable tickets. Don’t let invalid speeding accusations go unchallenged!

Why Fight Your Ticket with Us?

Our firm has successfully achieved dismissals or reductions of thousands of Nevada traffic citations for decades. We have the proven experience and expertise to give you the best shot at the most favorable outcome possible. Our speeding ticket legal services include:

  • In-depth understanding of traffic laws
  • Meticulous citation review to identify technical flaws
  • Skilled negotiation for plea deals or dismissals
  • Tenacious in-court litigation abilities
  • Use of expert witnesses regarding radar operation
  • Convenience of remote capabilities for out-of-state drivers

Avoid increased insurance costs and protect your driving privileges. Contact us for a consultation and legal help fighting your Nevada speeding ticket today!

Trial De Novo

If you lose in traffic court, we can request a new trial before a judge to present your defense again.

Driver's License Points

We negotiate with prosecutors to minimize or avoid points that raise insurance rates.

Certificate of Calibration

We scrutinize certificates closely for any defects that invalidate radar evidence.

Mitigation Hearings

If convicted, we advocate for reduced fines by presenting mitigating circumstances.

Payment Plans

We can arrange installment plans for any fines to ease the financial impact.

DMV Notifications

We ensure any ticket modifications or dismissals are reported to the DMV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I was speeding because of an emergency?

If the evidence supports this, we can argue you had a valid emergency defense for exceeding the speed limit.

Can I take traffic school for a speeding ticket in Nevada?

Yes, completing traffic school may help dismiss or reduce specific speeding citations.

What if I wasn’t the one driving when the speeding ticket was issued?

Inform your attorney, as tickets can often be dismissed if incorrect driver identification occurs.

Is it worth fighting a ticket that’s only for 5-10 mph over?

Even minor speeding tickets can negatively impact your insurance rates and driving record.

Can my license be suspended for speeding in Nevada?

Exceeding max speed limits by 20+ mph may result in license suspension. We help avoid this.

What if I was driving a rental car or company vehicle?

You are still responsible for any speeding tickets, even in rental cars. An attorney can help fight them.

Am I better off just paying the speeding ticket instead of fighting it?

No, paying a ticket is an admission of guilt. Contesting it preserves your rights and avoids fines.

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Speeding Ticket – Citation issued for exceeding the posted speed limit. Fines and driver’s license points may result.

Dismissal – When a ticket is dismissed by the court, canceling your responsibility for fines and points.

Trial De Novo – The ability to request a new trial before a judge if you are found guilty in traffic court.

Radar – Technology that uses radio waves to determine a vehicle’s speed. Police must prove proper operation.

Calibration – The tuning and adjusting of radar devices to ensure accurate speed measurement per regulations.

Certification – Official documentation from a lab that a radar device is calibrated correctly and tested.

Evidence – Proof presented in court to fight a ticket, like device manuals, vehicle data, or calibration records.

Reasonable Doubt – The standard requiring prosecutors to prove all elements of an offense definitively.

Mitigating Circumstances – Information presented to the judge arguing for reduced penalties.

Plea Deal – An agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty in return for lesser fines, points, or dismissed charges.

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