Reasons a Mother Can Lose Custody in Las Vegas

Reasons a Mother Can Lose Custody in Las Vegas

How a Mother Can Lose Custody in Las Vegas

In legal custody hearings, it is a common misconception that a preference is given to the mother. In reality, fathers have been given equal custody rights regularly in recent years. As the efforts to provide equality in custody, these numbers are likely to go up.

However, even if you get awarded custody of your children, your ex could move to have your custodial rights revoked at any time. There are several reasons a mother can lose custody of her children, and some of these are avoidable.

By educating yourself on the common reasons a mother can lose custody, you will be able to avoid these situations and save yourself time and money on lengthy litigation. These rules apply to both married couples and unmarried people that have children together.

Reasons a Mother Can Lose Custody in Las Vegas

Physical Abuse of A Child or Ex

There is an assumption that women are less likely to be physically abusive. However, suppose a woman has been excessively hitting, biting, kicking, scratching, burning, or inflicting any other physical harm to her child. In that case, it is likely a mother will lose physical custody.

If a mother has a history of domestic abuse against her ex, this can also look poorly. Any child abuse report is likely to reflect poorly on a mother’s ability to care for her children and can be grounds for her to lose custody. 

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is more difficult to prove in court but can be grounds for loss of legal custody. If a mother is constantly harassing or belittling their child, it can be grounds for the father to be awarded child custody.

Parental alienation is another form of emotional abuse, it can lead to mental health issues. This abuse includes a parent manipulating their children into hating the other parent by speaking negatively about them or refusing visitation. This can be even more serious if the child is young and impressionable. If there is a finding of parental alienation, a mother can lose custody. 

Not Following Court Order or Neglect

If a couple shares legal custody, each parent must respect the other parent’s time to be with their children. If a mother does anything that makes it difficult for a father to see his children or refuses to facilitate visitation, he could make a case against her and she could lose physical custody. 

Not following a custody agreement and not respecting a restraining order or signs of neglect can be grounds for loss of custody.

If an ex or third party notices signs of child neglect, it is their responsibility to report it. This can include hygiene, food, health, or education. While minor instances (forgetting to pick them up from practice once or twice, etc.) will usually get overlooked, habitual neglect can be a significant problem.

Substance Abuse/Addiction

Many people suffer from substance addiction. Addiction can impair a mother’s ability to parent her children. If the addiction is coupled with abuse, this can be grounds for a mother to lose custody.

However, if a mother loses custody due to substance abuse, there is a chance she can get her children back. Completing rehab treatment programs shows that a mother is willing to do better and be responsible. 

What to Do if You are In Danger of Losing Custody

If you are in danger of losing custody of your children, seek the legal advice of an experienced family law attorney. The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm team can help you build a case to fight the charges against you. 

The most important thing is that you avoid situations that can question your fitness as a mother. However, your Las Vegas family law attorney will help you find a satisfactory resolution to your problem.

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