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If you received a parking citation in Nevada for allegedly parking far from the curb, don’t just pay the fine. These tickets are often issued unfairly or in error. But a dedicated lawyer can get the citation dismissed. Contact us for a consultation.

How Nevada "Too Far From Curb" Citations Work

Under Nevada law, parking more than 18 inches away from the curb is illegal. Violations carry fines of around $50-100. However, measurements can be inaccurate and circumstances disputed. A skilled attorney knows how to challenge questionable tickets.

Potential Defenses Against These Citations

There are legal defenses an experienced lawyer may use to fight a too-far-from-curb citation, such as:

  • The officer measured incorrectly
  • You were parked in compliance with the law
  • There were no clear markings indicating the curb area
  • Other vehicles were also parked similarly
  • You were briefly standing vs. parked
  • The ticket violates technical requirements

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the facts and fight questionable tickets. We also negotiate with prosecutors, highlight mitigating circumstances, and advocate for the citation’s dismissal. Don’t just pay – fight back.

Why Retain Us for Your Citation Defense?

Over decades, we have successfully achieved dismissals and reductions of thousands of Nevada parking citations. Our capabilities include:

  • In-depth understanding of parking laws and ticketing processes
  • Aggressively contesting unfair or erroneous citations
  • Experience negotiating with prosecutors
  • Presenting compelling facts and arguments in court hearings
  • Excellent success record making our case for dismissal
  • Convenience of remote capabilities defending out-of-state drivers

Don’t let an unjust parking ticket go unchallenged. Retain experienced legal advocates on your side and give yourself the best opportunity for a positive outcome. Contact our firm for help fighting your Nevada too far from curb citation today!

Mitigation Hearings

We can advocate for reduced fines during mitigation hearings if the ticket is not dismissed.

Payment Plans

We can arrange manageable payment plans to ease the financial impact if fines are ordered.

License Suspension

Too many unpaid parking fines can result in driver’s license suspension. We help avoid this.

Rental Cars

We frequently assist drivers who receive questionable tickets in rental cars and need help fighting them.

Evidence Photos

We use detailed photos documenting lawful parking as evidence to refute unfair citations.

DMV Notifications

We ensure any reductions or dismissals are appropriately reported to the DMV to prevent license issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fight a too far from curb ticket without hiring an attorney?

Yes, you can contest it yourself, but having legal experience significantly improves your chances of getting it dismissed.

What if I was just briefly standing next to my car when I got the ticket?

If you were not legally parked at the time, that fact can be used as a defense to fight the citation.

Do I have to appear in court to try and get the ticket dismissed?

In most cases you can avoid appearing personally by having an attorney represent you instead.

Am I still responsible if I was driving a rental car or borrowed vehicle?

Yes, the registered owner of the vehicle is ultimately responsible for paying these citations if not dismissed.

Can parking enforcement write tickets for this on private property?

Typically no. These laws usually only apply to public streets with posted or verifiable curb areas.

What if I simply can’t afford such an expensive ticket right now?

If you’re facing financial hardship, inform your attorney to explain the situation and request fine reductions.

Will too many of these tickets cause my license to be suspended?

If enough parking ticket fines go unpaid, you can face driver’s license suspension in Nevada.

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Citation – An official ticket issued for a parking violation, also called a parking ticket.

Dismissal – When the court or prosecutor dismisses a citation, it is canceled, and you are no longer responsible.

Mitigation Hearing – A court hearing where you can present information arguing for reduced fines or penalties.

Registered Owner – The individual or entity the vehicle is registered to with the DMV, liable for citations.

Evidence – The proof presented to the court, such as photos or measurements refuting the allegations of a citation.

Payment Plan – An arranged schedule for paying fines and fees in affordable installments over time instead of all at once.

Suspension – The temporary loss of driving privileges imposed for unpaid citations. Less severe than revocation.

Parking Enforcement – The agency responsible for enforcing parking regulations and issuing citations for violations.

Prosecutor – The attorney representing the state or city in citation hearing proceedings.

Remote Appearance – The ability to contest a citation without physically appearing in court, such as by phone or video.

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