Michael Serrano
Billing Specialist

Mike Serrano is a Billing Specialist for the Rosenblum Allen Law Firm.

Mike earned a B.S. in Commerce from DePaul University, where he was a founding member of the school's Delta Sigma Pi chapter.

Prior to taking this role, Mike was a Medical Biller for 20 years specializing in Home Healthcare Reimbursement Recovery. During his tenure in the home healthcare industry, Mike was instrumental in establishing billing policies and procedures and training billing staff for several startup home healthcare agencies.

He lives in Henderson with his wife, daughter and two adult doodles.

Some Interesting Facts About Mike

Anything’s possible with enough determination and perseverance.

Yes, the birth of my daughter. When I saw her, I just knew.

Saying yes to every opportunity, no matter the risk.

Christmas, because my family loves it.

Eating and drinking with close friends and family.
When a person displays compassion without expectations.

Excelling at my job and working alongside people that inspire me to do my best.

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