Marlena Howard

Marlena was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She graduated from Las Vegas High School and shortly thereafter, left Las Vegas to live in Okinawa, Japan. Marlena then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii which she describes as “amazing.” Eventually, she returned to Las Vegas because there is no place like home. Marlena began studying for her paralegal career in 2009 and found employment working for a bankruptcy law firm as the lead Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Paralegal. Marlena then moved into a more generalized law practice where she was the head of criminal record sealing in addition to managing her duties as a personal injury and family law paralegal. She joined the Rosenblum Law Offices team in 2020 where focuses on family law, criminal defense and bankruptcy law. Marlena is married with four children and two dogs and she describes her family as her entire world. In her spare time, Marlena enjoys taking her boat to Lake Mead with her family to fish and camp. She also enjoys visiting museums, attending events at the Smith Center and traveling. 

Some Interesting Facts About Marlena

What is your favorite movie?
I can’t pick just one. We are huge movie lovers. I would say, top 5, is Diary of a Mad Black Woman, City of Angels, Django, Pride and Prejudice, and the Deadpool franchise.
What is the best piece of advice a family member ever gave you?
 My dad taught me that “The best revenge is to live well.” He also said, “It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” These have served me well.
A genie gives you three wishes. What are they?

For the ability to teleport anywhere I want. I love to travel but flying is the pits. For everyone on earth to have everything they need so we all can spend our lives in peace and enjoy our short time here. For the genie to be free. I’m a 90’s kid raised on Disney’s Aladdin. This is non-negotiable.

Is there anything you regret not doing the last year? If so, what?
Absolutely. I regret not being able to participate in the protests and marches that are going on.
What is the most ridiculous outfit you have ever worn?
My mother used to force us to attend the Renaissance Fair with her and she made me dress up in medieval garb that she made by hand. I still cringe thinking about this.
How old were you when you started working?
I was 16 years old. My first paid job was working a Philly cheesesteak stand at Junefest here in Vegas. I got huge tips from inebriated people who couldn’t tell the difference between a $100 bill and a $1 bill, and I was able to see Styx, Bad Company, and Journey live. It was awesome.
If you could have one super power what would it be?
 I would go back in time to experience the world and cultures in different eras.
If you had to described yourself as an animal what animal would it be?
Definitely a wolf. I’m fiercely loyal, I know how to play, and I can sniff out nonsense from a mile away.