Las Vegas Business Litigation

Las Vegas Business Litigation

Business litigation is a fact of life for many business owners. That’s precisely why you an experienced Las Vegas business litigation attorney, they provide legal services that you can call upon to help you out.

In an ideal world, a business owner will never require legal counsel. Unfortunately, circumstances arise that necessitate your need for business litigation.

In today’s world, business litigation means more than claims involving breach of contract or business torts (such as unfair trade practices or fraud).

With more and more commerce getting conducted online, there are also concerns for electronically stored information (ESI). Compromised ESI can be a massive issue for any business owner when customers or other confidential information is involved.

Other areas of business litigation that our firm focuses on include:

  • partnership/shareholder disputes,
  • complex-contract disputes,
  • landlord-tenant disputes,
  • real estate disputes,
  • banking litigation,
  • Officer and director defense,
  • franchise law,
  • and trademark/copyright litigation.

We place your interests first. Our Las Vegas business litigation attorney team will develop a detailed litigation strategy that is goal-oriented and financially acceptable for you. Our chief goal is to help you achieve your goals in your case.

There are several areas of business litigation that our firm can aid you in.

Las Vegas Business Litigation

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What is a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Commercial litigation attorneys get special training in business and business-related litigation and have a lot of legal advice.

They are who you need on your side during a business dispute. Your Las Vegas litigation attorney has specific responsibilities

What they are depends on whether they represent a commercial client or an individual. They are your best chance to have a desirable result in commercial litigation.

Their main priority is representing your financial interests in a lawsuit. They will analyze your case and develop the best course of action.

Is Commercial Litigation the Same as Business Litigation?

Commercial and business litigation is often used in common parlance. But there are some differences between the two from a legal viewpoint.

Business litigation follows state and federal statutes for operating a business.

These regulations cover a wide range of aspects of business, such as:

employment, wages, safety regulations, and environmental protection.

Business litigation often covers such issues as:

  • whistleblowers
  • disputes between business owners
  • breach of contract
  • other major business issues.

Commercial litigation gets regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC works to help navigate state and interstate commerce regulations.

Commercial litigation can include:

  • Business contracts
  • Reasons for termination of employment
  • Other minutiae of running a business

How Long Does Business Litigation Take?

The legal process can be a drawn-out process, It can take several months to have the litigation brought before the court. 

When a summons gets served, a business has a short time to respond. Often it is 21 days for federal court and 30 days for state court. Some venues may have shorter deadlines. 

Once the business responds, the legal process can still be long before trial. On average, it can take 24 to 30 months once the case gets filed before getting brought to trial.

Often the judge will wait for an answer from the defendant before sending the case to trial. But, sometimes the judge will set the case for trial without delay.

Once litigation has begun, the process can still take several months to a year. You will want an excellent commercial litigation attorney to smooth out the process. This time also gives you and your legal team time to prepare.

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What is the Difference Between a Corporate Lawyer and a Litigator?

While corporate lawyers and litigators perform similar duties, there are some differences. Your business will do well by utilizing both professions.   Corporate law includes business and business-related issues. A corporate lawyer will be the one who will speak on behalf of your business in the event of a legal matter. Corporate lawyers are part of a corporation’s legal team that defends them on legal issues.   A litigator takes care of writing, reviewing documents, and preparing arguments. They are in charge of most of the research and paperwork aspects of the legal process. Litigators handle civil lawsuits that involve a business.

Commercial Litigation

If you are involved in commercial litigation, you need a team with your best interests at heart. It would help if you had a team that will protect your rights and defends your interests. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience to help you with your commercial litigation needs aggressively.

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Business and Commercial Fraud

Divorce Cost

Roughly half of the small businesses are subject to suffering from fraud at some point. These can run up to costs of $144,000 per incident. These losses can be devastating to small business owners. Even worse, the most common version of fraud is in the form of an employee embezzling from the company. Sadly, trends show that fraud is continuing to rise with financial pressures on individuals.

While business fraud looks at the unfair advantage of business owners, owners can be guilty of consumer fraud. These are seemingly legitimate business practices that result in financial or other losses by consumers. These forms of fraud can include false advertising, unfair pricing, and safety concerns.

If you are the victim of either business or consumer fraud, contact our Las Vegas business litigation attorney offices today. Our team will work diligently to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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Franchise Law


Franchising and distribution can be an excellent opportunity for innovative developers and entrepreneurs. However, it can also present issues for legal disputes. If a franchisee does not follow the parent company’s guidelines or violates its contractual agreement, there can be grounds for legal action.

Our experienced franchise law attorneys will help in handling legal issues as they arise. They can also help you in avoiding any potential legal problems.

Trademark Litigation

Keep what's yours

Trademarks are cherished symbols of many companies and get protected by trademark law.

Companies cannot blatantly copy another brand’s logos, name, or design without the trademark holder’s permission. Doing so can make the party guilty of trademark infringement. Examples of trademark infringement can include closely similar names, designs, or logos. However, the goods and services must be similar enough to confuse the consumer for a permitted trademark lawsuit.

When it comes to trademark litigation, our team can help to protect your intellectual property. We put our extensive knowledge of trademark law to work for you to defend and protect you during litigation or pre-suit litigation matters.

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Copyright Litigation

Copyright photo

Copyright law is like trademark law. According to 17 U.S. Code 106, copyright owners are entitled to six specific rights to protect their work.

These rights include:

    1. The right to reproduce work in copies or phonorecords.
      The right to produce derivative works based on the copyrighted work.
    2. The right to distribute copies or phonorecords of the copyrighted work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership or rental, lease, or lending.
    3. In literary, musical, dramatic, or choreographic works, pantomimes, motion pictures, and audiovisual work, the rights to perform the work publicly.
    4. In the case of literary, musical, dramatic, or choreographic works, pantomimes, pictorial, graphics, or sculptural works, including the individual image of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, the right to display the work publicly.
    5. In sound recordings, the right to perform the work utilizing digital audio transmission.

Copyright protection can be crucial to the survival of your business venture. We’re more than experienced Las Vegas business litigation attorney firm. We also are well-versed copyright attorneys with the skills and knowledge needed to help defend or prosecute your copyright claim.

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House Model

When you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, you need an attorney who will protect your interests. Our team will work aggressively to protect your rights and your assets.


If you have a matter involving arbitration, contact us right away. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of the rules of arbitration set forth by the American Arbitration Association. We can arbitrate your case both effectively and efficiently.

Spouse Disagree

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Legal Malpractice

gavel and a name plate with the engraving lawsuit

Our experienced Las Vegas team of malpractice attorneys can help professionals claim breach of fiduciary duties, ethics violations, and breach of contract. We understand the complex situations around legal malpractice and can help restore your name and professional reputation.

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Here are seven offsite resources that provide information about business litigation in Las Vegas:

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  6. The Nevada Bar Association: The official website of the Nevada State Bar offers resources for finding a lawyer, including those who specialize in business litigation.

  7. Martindale-Hubbell: This directory of attorneys includes peer and client reviews, which can help you find a reputable business litigation attorney in Las Vegas.

Why Hire Our Las Vegas Business Litigation Attorney Team?

Rosenblum Law Firm has experienced Las Vegas attorneys who get results and can help with any of your business litigation needs. We offer our clients excellent litigation services at competitive rates.

Let us put our skills and knowledge to work for you.

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