Las Vegas Business Contract Attorney

Every aspect of running a business involves contracts, hiring employees, selling goods to scheduling a vendor, and arranging a sale.

A single, signed sheet of paper can offer both legal and financial protections to you as a business owner. A contract will be your first line of defense when a customer does not hold up to their end of a bargain or an agreed-upon sale fails to produce fruit.

Well-crafted contracts can help you get what you are entitled to without sacrificing revenue.

What Are the Different Types of Business Contracts?

No matter your business’s size, location, or industry, you will need contracts as you continue to expand. A contract agreement can be between you and anyone your business interacts with, such as a vendor, employee, or client.

Some examples of business contracts include:

    • Lease agreements
    • Employment contracts
    • Non-compete clauses
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Bill of sales
    • Service & vendor contracts
    • Purchase agreements
    • Business formation agreements
    • Real estate contracts
    • Warranties
    • Business sale agreements

Avoiding contracts altogether or developing them yourself puts your business at severe risk from multiple angles. For that reason, both small and large-scale companies rely on a team of legal experts to craft and enforce their business contracts.

Why Does My Business Need Contracts?

As a new business owner, you learned rather quickly that you cannot always take someone at the word.

    • Employees will resign without providing the mandatory two weeks notice, leaving you shorthanded.
    • Vendors will make a last-minute cancellation that leaves you scrambling to find an alternative.
    • Customers will refuse to pay for the services they previously arranged.

Without a contract at all, you do not have a leg to stand on when you seek compensation.

A verbal agreement can be challenging to prove in court, and many states do not recognize non-written contracts as legally binding. With a poorly-written deal, your legal defense may fizzle when the other party discovers an inescapable loophole.

All business owners need contracts that are professionally drafted, negotiated, and reviewed. Hiring a legal team to write and analyze your contracts — as well as those you sign — can:

    • Save you money in court costs
    • Allow you to dedicate your time to running a business
    • Avoid hurting your public and professional reputations
    • Keep major corporations from putting you out of business
    • Support your business for years to come
    • Guarantee compensation in the case of a breach
    • Protect your personal and business assets

What Happens After a Breach of Contract?

Just because a client or vendor agrees to enter a contract, that does not mean they will fulfill their obligations.

Budgeting concerns, a change in plans, or emergencies could result in a breached contract on either end. Breached contracts are not always avoidable, but they are always a hassle.

A breach of contract typically leads to a contract dispute, which can take a few paths. If you retain a business contract attorney, your legal team will attempt to settle the battle out of court first. Both sides can agree to early negotiations to avoid the time and financial constraints of pursuing a lawsuit.

If both parties cannot agree, the case will wind up in court.

What Can Our Law Firm Do for Your Business?

Our contract lawyers handle every aspect of business contracts, from springing together the original draft and negotiating the terms with your vendors to defending them in the court of law.You can count on our firm to do the following tasks:

Contract Drafting

Drafting a contract requires you first to pinpoint your business’s needs.

We will create a legally binding and enforceable contract draft that will give your company the upper hand following a contract breach. These contracts lay out what will happen if either party fails to live up to their end, leaving no questions unanswered. We will explain your contracts’ terms and conditions to verify it gets your point across.

Contract Review

Like any legal documentation, contracts become outdated, and new business laws appear every year. A contract lawyer can serve as your interpreter before you jump into a significant deal, putting the confusing legal jargon into plain English.

Your attorney will point out any amendments or clauses that could hurt your business and explain the pros and cons of going through with the contract the way it is.

Contract Negotiations

As a business owner who works with vendors and clients, you will find yourself sending and receiving contracts, but not every contract benefits you the way you think. A contract lawyer is an excellent resource if you are on the brink of significant business dealing. We will look at the contract from your perspective and through a legal lens.

Most importantly, as your legal team, we can offer changes that increase the deal’s chances of going through as intended.

Courtroom Representation

In the case that you or your vendor bails on the contract’s terms, you might find yourself engaged in a fiery lawsuit. As your contract lawyer, we will put your company’s needs above all else, helping to first settle the dispute out of court before pursuing further legal action, if need be.

We understand the coded language in contracts, enabling them to see loopholes or determine whether it was even legally enforceable at all.

Why Should I Hire Rosenblum Law?

When your company’s revenue, reputation, and longevity are on the line, penning your own business contracts can wind up costing you big.

At Rosenblum Law, we have been on both sides of Las Vegas courtrooms arguing the merits of legal agreements. We have seen firsthand the struggles of poorly-crafted contracts and the benefits of a strategic agreement.

Our team boasts over 30 years of combined law experience, including business law. We know that business contracts’ legal jargon can be challenging to understand and that clients and employees will always search for loopholes.

Give us a call at (702) 433-2889 to hand your contract drafting and disputes over to the experts.