How Do You Win a Custody Battle in Nevada?

How Do You Win a Custody Battle in Nevada?

With your child’s well-being on the line, a legal custody dispute can get painful fast.

So you’ll need to get prepared with a solid plan of action to increase your chances of success. 

How do you win a custody battle in Nevada? Here are a few tips that can help prepare you for your case.

How do you win a custody battle in Nevada_

Familiarize Yourself with Nevada’s Custody Laws

Everyone entering a custody battle needs to take a moment to review Nevada’s laws with an attorney. 

For example, judges here focus on joint physical custody. This term typically means that both parents make significant decisions for the child’s upbringing. 

But, physical custody decides which parent the child will live with going forward. Nevada courts prefer to put co-parents in control of the process. If parents cooperate, they may agree on what fits the child’s best interest. Only when both sides cannot agree with each other will the court interfere and make a custody ruling. 

Often, joint custody is not considered a loss. Instead, it could be the ruling that best suits the child’s interest.

Understand the “Better Parent Standard”

If you and your spouse can’t agree on joint custody, make sure you present a winning case in court to get the best legal custody decision you can. 

The court’s primary goal is to provide a ruling that fits the child’s best interest. You will need to make sure that you can show the judge that you’re “the better parent” out of the two of you. 

You need to present plentiful evidence to support your legal custody petition. 

You must prove that you can keep the child’s physical and psychological well-being on your own. You need to show the judge that you can provide your child with a proper, healthy lifestyle. But, you must also show the Court that you support the child’s relationship with your ex. Sometimes, this is a delicate balance. 

Hire a Seasoned Child Custody Attorney

The most crucial step is to ensure you have an experienced attorney. Hiring the right person helps you increase your odds of getting the outcome you want and need. The right lawyer will also help guide you through the process. That way, you do everything possible to make yourself appealing in court.

Our legal team at The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm is ready to help you fight your child custody battle. We have the experience, and the skills needed right now.

A custody battle can be a stressful and challenging process. Preparation and an excellent attorney to represent you are critical. If you or someone you know needs a custody lawyer, call us at (702) 433-2889. You can also fill out our online form for more information.

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