Failing to Yield to Traffic Incidents in Las Vegas

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Fight Your Nevada Citation for Failing to Yield to Traffic Incidents Don't Accept Unfair Tickets - Protect Your Rights

Don’t just pay the fine if you received a citation in Nevada for allegedly failing to yield or slow down for a traffic incident. These tickets are often unfairly issued. But a dedicated lawyer can get the citation dismissed.

Understanding Nevada's "Move Over" Traffic Laws

Nevada law requires drivers to reduce speed, proceed cautiously, and move over if possible when approaching stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and other incidents along the road. Violations carry fines of $150-200.

However, circumstances are not always clear-cut. A skilled attorney knows how to challenge questionable failure to yield tickets.

Potential Defenses Against These Citations

There are legal defenses an experienced lawyer may use to fight a failure to yield a citation, such as:

  • You did take proper action to slow down and move over
  • The incident scene was not visible or correctly indicated
  • There were unclear lane markings or obstruction
  • You were prevented from moving over by heavy traffic
  • The officer made an error in identifying your vehicle
  • The ticket violates procedural requirements

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the facts and fight questionable tickets. We also negotiate with prosecutors, highlight mitigating circumstances, and advocate for dismissal. Don’t accept an unfair citation – fight back.

Why Retain Us for Your Citation Defense?

Over decades, we have successfully achieved dismissals and reductions of thousands of Nevada traffic citations. Our capabilities include:

  • Deep understanding of traffic laws and defense strategies
  • Aggressively contesting questionable or erroneous tickets
  • Skilled negotiation with prosecutors
  • Intense courtroom and hearing advocacy
  • Using evidence like dashcam footage to make your case
  • Convenience of remote capabilities defending out-of-state drivers

Don’t let an unjust ticket go unchallenged. Retain experienced legal advocates on your side for the best chance at a positive outcome. Contact our firm for help fighting your Nevada failure to yield citation today!

Mitigation Hearings

We can advocate for reduced fines and fees during mitigation hearings if the ticket is not dismissed.

Payment Plans

If fines are ordered, we may be able to arrange manageable payment plans to ease the financial impact.

License Points

These citations can add points to your Nevada driver’s license. We help avoid that.

Commercial Drivers

We frequently assist CDL drivers who receive these citations that threaten their livelihood.

Expert Testimony

We utilize traffic specialists as expert witnesses to refute allegations if needed.

Scene Inspection

Thoroughly examining the incident scene for potential defense arguments.

Insurance Issues

We ensure any reductions or dismissals are reported to your insurer to prevent policy issues. Thoroughly examining the incident scene for potential defense arguments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn’t see any emergency lights at the incident scene?

If the scene was not indicated adequately with visible emergency lights, it could invalidate the citation.

Can I fight a failure to yield a ticket without hiring an attorney?

Yes, you can contest it yourself, but having legal experience significantly improves your chances of getting it dismissed.

What if traffic conditions prevented me from moving over?

If you were blocked by dense traffic or lanes ending, that fact can be used as a defense.

Do I have to go to court, or can my lawyer handle it?

In most cases, you can avoid appearing personally by having an attorney represent you instead.

Am I still responsible if I was driving a rental or borrowed car?

Yes, the vehicle’s registered owner is ultimately liable for payment of citations if not dismissed.

How many points can this ticket add to my license?

Failure to yield citations typically adds four demerit points to your driver’s license in Nevada.

What if I can’t afford such an expensive ticket right now?

Inform your attorney so they can explain financial hardship and request fine reductions from the court.

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Citation – An official ticket issued for a traffic violation, also called a traffic ticket.

Dismissal – When the court dismisses a citation, you are no longer responsible for payment.

Mitigation Hearing – A court hearing where you can present information arguing for reduced fines or penalties.

Demerit Points – Points added to your driver’s license following certain convictions, potentially resulting in suspension if too many accrue.

Evidence – Proof presented to dispute allegations of a citation, like dashcam video or photos.

Payment Plan – An arranged schedule for paying fines in affordable installments over time instead of all at once.

CDL – Commercial Driver’s License required for driving commercial vehicles like semi-trucks.

Tow Truck – A specially equipped vehicle that removes disabled or damaged vehicles from roadways.

Prosecutor – The attorney representing the state or city in traffic citation proceedings.

Remote Appearance – The ability to contest a citation without being physically present in court, such as by phone.

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