Do You Really Need A Lawyer For Your Family Court Case?

In a perfect world, our family courts would give anyone going through a divorce or custody case a free lawyer just like they do in criminal court. Unfortunately, our family law courts are far from perfect. Representing yourself in your divorce or custody case may be tempting. After all, lawyers cost money and the forms for a do-it-yourself divorce or custody case are available on-line. How hard can it be, right? We have prepared this test to determine whether you really need a lawyer to represent you or whether your case is one
that you can handle on your own:

My case is complicated or my case might become complicated. 

I have a hard time following rules and meeting deadlines. 

I have a hard time explaining my thoughts and feels in writing. 

I am very busy and not usually available during normal business hours. 

I get very nervous speaking in public and expressing my ideas out loud. 

I have no interest in understanding the law as it might be applied to my case. 

I get very angry or upset when under pressure or stress. 

My ex has a lawyer. 

People in positions of authority intimidate me and I often find it hard to express myself to them. 

I need legal advice.

I do not understand the on-line forms and/or do not have time to fill them out correctly. 

I have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them. 

I am often late for appointments.

I have never been inside of a courtroom or participating in the legal process in any way.

I have a hard time listening to others speak and often want to jump in during a conversation. 

The more statements that you answered “yes” to above, the less appropriate it is for you to
represent yourself in your family court case and if you answered yes to at least
five (5) questions above or more, you should strongly consider hiring an
attorney to represent you. 

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