Nevada child support is the financial contribution made by one parent to help support his/her child. If you believe you pay too much or receive too little child support, Nevada law generally allows either parent to request support modifications. A recalculation will be done if any of the following is true:

  • If you have an existing Court order for child support, you may request a modification by law every 3 years;
  • If there is a change in the number of dependents. For example, if you have had one or more new children (stepchildren not included), the Court may consider decreasing your child support;
  • If your child has special needs such as extraordinary medical expenses, school-related expenses or other expenses, the Court may consider increasing child support;
  • If you provide health insurance for your minor children, the Court may consider decreasing your child support payment to account for your payments of medical premiums;
  • Transportation costs may also be a reason to increase or decrease child support. For example, if you are the parent providing transportation for all visits, the Court may consider the cost of transportation in a request for modification;
  • If your income has gone up or down by at least 20%, the Court will consider modifying child support;
  • If your custody has changed. For example, if you previously had joint custody and now you have primary custody, the court will consider a modification of child support

While this list is not exhaustive, these are the most common examples of situations where the Court will consider a modification of child support. If you believe that child support should be lowered or raised, you should see an attorney and take action immediately. Do not sit on your rights. If you believe you may be entitled to a child support change, it is important to understand that not all modifications are retroactive and there may be a time limit applicable if the Court determines to apply a modification retroactively.

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Further Reading

Molly Rosenblum, Esq., our lead attorney, has diligently developed an array of resources focused on addressing key issues surrounding child support. These resources, accessible on the Rosenblum Law website, are crafted to offer guidance, legal advice, and support for those navigating the complexities of child support laws, modifications, arrears, and the implications of new relationships on existing child support arrangements. Here is an overview of these invaluable resources:

  1. Does My New Spouse’s Income Count for Child Support: Understand how remarrying and the income of a new spouse might affect your child support obligations or entitlements. Learn about new spouse income and child support.

  2. How to Get Child Support Arrears Dismissed: Find out the legal avenues available for addressing child support arrears, including potential dismissal under certain conditions. Discover how to address child support arrears.

  3. Las Vegas Child Support: A comprehensive guide to child support in Las Vegas, including how it’s calculated, enforced, and modified. Guide to Las Vegas child support.

  4. Who Has to Pay Child Support in Joint Custody: Clarify common misconceptions and legal standards regarding child support responsibilities in joint custody arrangements. Understand child support in joint custody.

  5. Las Vegas Child Support Laws: An overview of the child support laws specific to Las Vegas, helping you navigate the legal landscape and understand your rights and responsibilities. Learn about Las Vegas child support laws.

Molly Rosenblum, Esq., through these meticulously prepared resources, aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the often complex and emotionally charged issues surrounding child support. We encourage you to make use of these resources, ensuring that your actions and decisions are informed, lawful, and in the best interest of all involved parties.


Offsite Resources

Offsite Resources You May Find Helpful

Here are some resources that can provide more information and support for those interested in modifying child support in Nevada:



  1. Nevada State Bar Association: The official site of the Nevada State Bar, which includes a directory of licensed attorneys in Nevada and resources on Nevada law.
  2. Avvo – Child Support Lawyers in Nevada: Avvo provides a directory of child support lawyers in Nevada, along with user ratings and reviews.
  3. Justia – Nevada Child Support Lawyers: Justia provides a directory of child support attorneys in Nevada, along with their profiles containing information about their education, awards, and professional associations.
  4. FindLaw – Nevada Child Support Guidelines: FindLaw provides an overview of child support laws in Nevada, including guidelines on how it is calculated and how to modify it.
  5. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada: This organization provides free legal education and assistance to individuals in Southern Nevada, including resources on child support.

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