Anthony Suitt
Social Media Manager

Anthony is originally from Kansas where he attended Kansas State and graduated with a degree in communications. Anthony relocated to Las Vegas Nevada in 2022 after his college graduation and immediately obtained employment in customer service with MGM. Thereafter, Anthony served as a marketing manager for a local surgical group before joining Rosenblum Allen Law Firm as our social media manager in 2023. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys gaming, skiing and hiking. He also enjoys spending time with his dogs and his girlfriend.

Some Interesting Facts About Anthony

Probably something like wood-crafting, or mainly making something with my hands, like pottery or working on cars. I think those are all very fulfilling hobbies to have.

I prefer texting because if I misread something, I can read it again, but if I mishear something you have to ask people to repeat it.

I think I would choose either pizza or burritos, they’re both so versatile and can have different ingredients.

I think the most useful item I own is my phone, it’s a culmination of the world’s answers at your fingertips.

The moment I’m most proud of is when I taught an Olympian how to do a fencing technique and watched her do it in the Olympics the following year. It made me feel incredibly proud.

A common misconception about my job is that we constantly know what’s going on with social media, we can try to keep up to date with it all, then the next day a new update can change your whole plan.

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