Agressive Driving Ticket in Las Vegas

Don’t Just Pay Your Aggressive Driving  Ticket – Fight It!

Fight Back Get Experienced Legal Representation to Protect Your Rights

If you were cited for aggressive driving in Nevada, don’t just pay the fine and accept the consequences. These allegations can be challenged – but it requires the advocacy of a knowledgeable lawyer. Contact us for a case review. Our attorneys know how to build an aggressive defense against questionable citations.

Understanding Nevada's Aggressive Driving Laws

Aggressive driving includes offenses like unsafe lane changes, tailgating, unsafe passing, failure to yield, and other reckless maneuvers. Fines exceed $250, and demerit points can be imposed. Your license may even be suspended. However, police accusations aren’t always accurate. An attorney can contest weak charges.

Strategies for Fighting Aggressive Driving Citations

Skilled, aggressive driving lawyers take actions such as:

  • Thoroughly examining evidence like dashcam video
  • Questioning the officer’s observations and claims
  • Disputing alleged unsafe distances or maneuvers
  • Challenging the officer’s reasoning and details
  • Obtaining proof of mechanical defects causing vehicle swerving
  • Leveraging GPS data showing your lawful driving
  • Identifying technical errors in how the ticket was issued

We fight questionable citations using legal defenses, negotiation skills, and strong courtroom advocacy. Don’t let unjust accusations go unchallenged – retain experienced counsel.

Why Choose Us For Your Aggressive Driving Defense?

Our firm has fought and dismissed thousands of Nevada traffic citations for decades. Our team has the expertise and record of success to put the odds in your favor, including:

  • Highly effective negotiation with prosecutors
  • Subject matter expertise regarding traffic laws
  • Utilizing former police as expert witnesses
  • Picking apart the prosecution’s allegations
  • Exceptional in-court litigation skills
  • Avoiding fines, demerit points, and license suspension

Don’t accept unjust charges that threaten your driving record and insurance rates. Contact us 24/7 for legal help fighting your aggressive driving citation in Nevada.

Mitigation Hearings

If the ticket is not dismissed, we advocate for reduced penalties during these hearings.

Plea Bargains

We negotiate with prosecutors to plead to lesser offenses to minimize fines and points.

Driver Training

We may be able to get supervision and training ordered instead of fines.

Payment Plans

We can arrange affordable payment plans for any fines that are imposed.

License Suspension

Aggressive citations can lead to license suspension. We help avoid this.

DMV Hearings

We represent clients in DMV proceedings to prevent license suspension.

Out-of-State Drivers

Our remote capabilities make it easy for us to defend non-resident drivers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if it was another driver who was driving aggressively?

Inform your attorney so they can obtain evidence and statements to prove mistaken identity.

Is taking a reckless driving class better than getting an attorney?

No, only an attorney can adequately dispute the allegations. Classes may be ordered in addition to legal defense.

What should I do if the officer was verbally aggressive during the traffic stop?

Your attorney can file a complaint and argue the officer was biased, compromising the validity of the citation.

Can I negotiate a plea deal or reduction without a lawyer?

While possible, having an experienced attorney vastly improves the odds of negotiating a favorable resolution.

What should I do if I can’t afford the fine for an aggressive driving citation?

Your financial hardship can be explained to the court by your attorney to request reduced fines or a payment plan.

How many points can this ticket add to my Nevada driver’s license?

Aggressive driving convictions typically add six demerit points to your license. An attorney can often minimize points.

What if I was driving a rental or borrowed vehicle when I was cited?

You are still responsible for any citations issued. An attorney can contest the ticket on your behalf.

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Aggressive Driving – Operating a vehicle in a reckless, hazardous, or careless manner. It often includes traffic offenses like speeding, tailgating, improper lane changes, failure to yield, etc.

Citation – An official ticket issued for a traffic violation offense.

Demerit Points – Points added to a driver’s license following certain convictions, potentially resulting in suspension if too many accrue.

Dismissal – When a citation is dismissed by the court, canceling your responsibility for fines and demerit points.

Evidence – Proof presented in court to fight a ticket, like dashcam video, GPS data, receipts for car repairs, etc.

Fine – Monetary penalty imposed for a traffic conviction. Aggressive driving fines exceed $250 in Nevada.

Mitigation Hearing – A court hearing where you can present information arguing for reduced fines and penalties.

Plea Bargain – An agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty to a lesser offense in return for reduced fines and demerit points.

Prosecutor – The attorney representing the state/city in traffic citation proceedings.

Suspension – The temporary loss of driving privileges for accumulating too many points or convictions.

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