What Not To Say In Child Custody Mediation

What Not To Say In Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation is stressful for everyone involved. You can do plenty of things to make this process smooth. Your attorney can help you build a positive future for your family.

However, there are certain things you should not say during a child custody mediation. When determining custody, these statements can hurt your case and cause future issues between you and your ex.

What Not To Say In Child Custody Mediation

A shortlist of what not to say in child custody mediation follows. Keeping these things in mind will help in determining a satisfactory resolution.

“I will never be able to work things out with my ex.”

If you don’t believe you will be able to work things out with your ex, it will make going forward with mediation difficult. Many parents go into custody mediation thinking they will not have to cooperate with their ex. This error in judgment leads to wasted time and frustration for everyone.

Even if you and your ex are not getting along, it is essential to work together. If you believe real solutions are possible, then real solutions will present themselves.

“It’s My Way or the Highway.”

When determining custody or any aspect of a divorce, compromise is king. You will have to give and take to come to any satisfactory resolution.

If you go in unwilling to compromise, you give up the chance to develop a satisfactory resolution. Coming to some agreement is the best way to move on with the divorce and have a positive future for your child.

“I won’t talk about my private life.”

This may seem unfair in a way. You may have personal things that you do not want to discuss. However, when it comes to determining the best custody situation for your child, you have to be willing to open up.

Living arrangements, future relationships, and income must get discussed when looking at what is best for your child. While such exposure may be annoying or intimidating, understanding the details of your home and lifestyle is how the mediator ensures your child’s safety and best interest.

“I hate my spouse.”

Mediation is not the time to “score points” against your ex with emotional outbursts. It is essential to put your feelings aside to develop a plan that has your child’s best interests in mind.

The mediation should be a time to speak calmly, clearly, and rationally about your wants and needs in the divorce outcome. Having a mature conversation with your ex will likely get you better results than taking cheap shots at each other.

“This is about me.”

To put it bluntly, a child custody mediation is about the children. The whole purpose of child custody meditation is to serve the child’s best interest.

If you go into a child custody mediation to make it about you and your ex, you will lose the favor of the people making the judgment calls on your case. They may decide your home is not an appropriate place for your child, and you can lose out on essential aspects of raising your child.

“I don’t need an attorney for mediation.”

It would be best if you did not go into mediation without the backup of a legal expert. You need someone to help protect your interests and keep your rights from being violated.

A skilled Las Vegas custody attorney like the team at The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm will ensure that your interests are upheld during your child custody mediation.

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