What To Do If You Are Pulled Over By Police

No matter how long you have been driving, there is a good chance, at some point you will be pulled over by the police. Here is what to do when pulled over by police.

1. Don’t Panic

Being pulled over by police can be scary. In most cases, it is because you committed a traffic violation like speeding or not stopping at a stop sign. It’s usually not good news but the key is to stay calm.

2. Pull over to the right

Do not stop in the middle of the road and do not pull over to the left. Get to the right side of the road and pull over far enough to avoid interfering with oncoming traffic. Failure to pull over to the right is a traffic violation and the police officer can give a ticket if you don’t do this safely.

3. Hand over your information

You should keep a copy of your driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration at all times. You will want to give this to the police officer upon request. If you have to search for it , chances are the officer, will not wait long and may issue you a ticket for failing to provide proof of your information. These tickets are expensive.

4. Don’t get out of the car

When you are pulled over stay in the car unless the officer instructs you to get out. Do not make any sudden movements either.

5. Don’t argue with the officer

Do not guess as to why you are being pulled over if the police officer asks. Make the officer tell you what their reasonable suspicion is. But don’t argue. If the officer states you were speeding, don’t say “no I wasn’t.” The time to fight the charges is in court. Be polite and take your ticket. If you argue with the officer or become belligerent, chances are the police officer will find additional infractions and you could be arrested.

Whatever your ticket is for, take it and move on. If you don’t agree with it, you have the right to dispute it in traffic court. 

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