Not Guilty - Rosenblum Law Offices Wins Domestic Violence Trial

After two days of testimony, Courtney Ketter's client  received a not guilty verdict at trial.

The matter involved allegations of domestic violence against a husband by his ex-wife. The wife alleged that at a child custody exchange, the husband violently pushed her into her car and threw her on the ground in front of the children. The husband denied the allegations and maintained that he never touched his ex-wife at that exchange or at any other time. 

The State pursued domestic violence charges against the husband over six (6) months after the alleged incident occurred. In response to the State's charges, the husband testified in his own defense and was also forced to have his ten (10) year old child testify about the incident. 

At trial, the judge found that the wife's testimony "was all over the place" and found that the State could not meet its burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The Court praised the child for being brave enough to come forward and testify. 

Because the State lacked sufficient evidence to sustain the charges, the Court entered a not guilty verdict and dismissed the charges against the husband. 

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