This Week At Rosenblum Law Offices . . .

Happy Saturday Everyone!

We are finally recovering from a very busy week here at Rosenblum Law Offices.

As you may know, Courtney Ketter was on vacation last week and will return on Monday where he will jump right back in to the practice of law by conducting a criminal domestic violence trial. We will post his trial results on our events page.

In the meantime, Molly and Sheila were left to hold down the fort at Rosenblum Law Offices.

Tuesday, Molly and Sheila were able to successfully resolve a short term divorce where the parties accumulated significant debt. The settlement conference was conducted after the parties already spent a day in trial. Our client was able to keep his truck and his soon to be ex-wife agreed to take all of the debt in exchange for a short duration and sum of alimony.

Wednesday, Molly Rosenblum was able to resolve a divorce case shortly before trial was to begin. The parties had been married for about nine years. The husband was incarcerated for a horrible crime which left his wife emotionally fragile. Wife was able to recover her share of husband's retirement and savings accounts. Needless to say, wife was relieved to have the divorce behind her and she is ready to move on with her life.

Thursday, Molly Rosenblum tried a divorce case to verdict before Judge Marquis. Ms. Rosenblum's client received everything he wanted in the divorce trial. After thirty years of marriage, he was able to divorce without paying any spousal support. All of his separate property was confirmed as his property AND he received primary physical custody of the parties' minor child.

Friday, Ms. Rosenblum successfully resolved a CPS case. The matter resulted in the client entering a plea to a negotiated petition. The mother in the case is hopeful to have her children returned to her home shortly with a safety plan in place and services being provided to the minor children who alleged years of abuse by their father.  

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