Rosenblum Law Offices Participates In Senior Judge Settlement Conference With 100% Success

This week, Rosenblum Law Offices participated in three separate Senior Judge Settlement Conferences at the Eighth Judicial District Family Court. All three conference were conducted with the assistance of retired Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta. The Family Court Senior Judge Settlement Conference is an invaluable program that allows litigants to talk openly and honestly about their cases with a neutral third party in an effort to resolve their litigation and curb their litigation costs. Rosenblum Law Offices is pleased to report that all three cases were mediated and resulted in a final agreement allowing all of the litigants to move on with their lives. 

The first case involved an eight year marriage. The wife was diagnosed with a long term medical condition. The husband recognized that even though the parties had a relatively short term marriage, it was likely that he would have to pay spousal support. The parties, with the assistance of Justice Saitta, were able to work through their differences and come to a resolution for all involved.

The second case involved a twenty year marriage.The parties had been separated for over four years with the husband continuing to reside in Florida while the wife moved to Nevada. Again, Justice Saitta was able to facilitate a resolution that will help the parties avoid the costly expense of a trial.

The final case involved a thirty-six year marriage. Both parties were retired and owned significant property. Justice Saitta was able to help both parties overcome their concerns about becoming divorced later in life. A resolution was reached which allowed the parties to move on with their lives while still retaining their standards of living.  

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