Child Permitted to Return To Natural Father

Molly Rosenblum and Courtney Ketter successfully objected to a ruling by a hearing master in a dependency case. Natural Father was charged with abandonment. The child was removed from her natural mother in May 2017. The natural father disputed CPS allegations of abandonment but the Hearing Master substantiated the petition against the father for abandonment. 

Despite passing a background check and communicating with his daughter regularly, the Department of Family Services was unwilling to place the child with the natural father. Instead, the Department wanted to the child to stay with her grandmother in California. 

After multiple hearings requesting placement of the child with her natural father, our attorneys objected to the Hearing Master's decision to keep the child in the foster care system. Rosenblum Law Offices fought hard yesterday in a lengthy hearing before a District Court Judge to have the child placed with her father. Judge Teuton sided with the father and ordered that the child should be placed with her natural father.  

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