The Case Management Conference In Nevada Divorce

A Case Management Conference (CMC) is required in almost every divorce and custody case in Nevada. This is a hearing that is usually scheduled by the Court within 90 days of the complaint being filed. If you are a party to the divorce proceeding, your attendance at the CMC is required. 

A Case Management Conference is a time when the judge tries to find out what needs to be done in your case to finalize your divorce or custody matter. If you have been able to reach agreements about certain items like support, visitation and holiday schedules, the CMC is the time to tell the judge your agreements. It is also the time to tell the judge the items upon which you and the other party cannot agree. Sometimes the Court will give you guidance on the disputed items to see if you can reach agreements at the CMC. 

The CMC is not the time to argue the merits of your case. You do not need to bring your witnesses to the CMC. Also, the judge will not accept or review documents at the CMC so you should leave these documents at home.

The hearing typically lasts ten to thirty minutes. Once you have informed the Court of the issues still remaining in the case, the Court will tell you deadlines for completing discovery, identifying witnesses and give you a date for trial. The judge may also order the parties to mediation or a settlement conference to see if the case can be resolved prior to trial.

Having an attorney present at the CMC is recommended but not required. It is an attorney’s job to appear in Court and inform the Court of your position. A well qualified family law attorney will ensure that trial is scheduled with enough time to complete discovery for your contested issues. An experienced attorney will also be able to preserve your rights and make sure that the issues you want heard at trial are noted in the Court record. 

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