Pros and Cons of Fighting A Traffic Ticket

Our office has handled lots of tickets. Seriously, we have probably resolved thousands of tickets over the years. When people call us, there are usually two types of traffic ticket callers. The callers that just want their ticket resolved no matter what and the callers that want to put on the trial of the century because they don’t want to pay their fine or believe they were ticketed unjustly. 

No matter the type of caller you are, one thing is universal receiving a traffic ticket sucks. It’s stressful, financially draining and time consuming. For those who have received traffic tickets, we have prepared this article on the pros and cons of fighting your traffic ticket in Court.

Advantages of fighting the ticket

You have the chance to get your ticket dismissed. Usually, fighting the ticket is the only chance you will have to get your ticket completely dismissed. This means the ticket will not show on your driving record, you will pay no fines, and it will be like the ticket happened. 

You will get to tell the judge your side. As we stated, many people believe they were ticketed unjustly. Fighting the ticket is the only way a judge will hear your side of the story. It will then be up to the judge to decide if you were ticketed unjustly or if you have a viable defense for receiving the ticket. 

You may get a better deal by fighting the ticket. There a tons of tickets issued in Clark County every day. Traffic tickets clog up our court system and are a pain for prosecutors. Some prosecutors may offer you reduced fines, no traffic school or other reductions just short of dismissing the ticket in order to get your ticket over and out of the system. By fighting the ticket, you may be able to enter into negotiations with the prosecutor that are better than if you just agree to traffic school or pay a fine. 

Disadvantages of fighting the ticket

It is time consuming. For those that want to fight their speeding ticket, you should plan on making at least two appearances in Court. Usually, the first appearance is where you will enter a plea and the second appearance is the trial for your ticket. You should anticipate spending at least an hour each for these two appearances. Depending on where you received the ticket, it may take more court appearances and you may spend more time in court. 

There are no guarantees. While fighting the ticket can lead to a complete dismissal, there are no guarantees your fines will be reduced, you wont have to do traffic school or your ticket will be dismissed. In fact, it is possible that if the judge finds for the prosecutor, you could end up owing more fines and fees for fighting the ticket. 

It can be expensive. Most people don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to fight their traffic ticket. Hiring an attorney to fight the ticket can be expensive. Most traffic ticket attorneys wont fight a traffic ticket for the standard $25 or $50 fee. Instead, a traffic ticket lawyer may charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to fight your ticket. 

If you or someone you know has received a traffic ticket, call us today at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our online form for more information. We can help.

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jaque christo

Jan 18, 2018 08:51 AM PST

Thank you for the pros and cons of fighting a traffic ticket. I definitely think if you believe you received the ticket in error then you should fight for it in court. A judge will hear your side of the story and determine if the ticket is justified or not.


Patricia Wilson

Mar 20, 2018 00:12 AM PST

I appreciate that you explained how fighting a ticket merits you the opportunity to reason out with a judge regarding the circumstances that placed you in such a predicament. After all, a chance is what it takes to overturn or nullify a ticket which you think was unjustly issued to you. My brother got a traffic ticket and he thinks that he shouldn't have gotten one. I'd be sure to let him know that he has a chance to dispute it if he decides to fight the ticket. Working with a legal professional at this point would be ideal then. Thanks for the good read!

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