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It’s often been said that he who represents himself has a fool for a client. While you may be able to address a legal problem on your own, it is often the case that you are best represented by a qualified attorney rather than trying to handle a legal matter on your own.

Sometimes hiring a lawyer is a no-brainer, such as when you get sued or when you’re charged with a crime or arrested. These matters can be very complicated and it is always a good idea to have a lawyer who specialize in criminal defense to advise you and represent your interests.

If you are thinking about going it alone in your legal case, one of the first things to ask yourself in deciding if you should consult an attorney is: “What’s at stake?” When your finances or liberties are in serious jeopardy, the obvious answer is to get legal help.

But what’s serious? An ordinary parking ticket is a brush with the law, but you probably don’t need an attorney to pay your fine or even to fight the ticket.  However, if a bench warrant has been issued because you haven’t paid your traffic fine, it is probably best to hire a ticket attorney to resolve the situation, and perhaps save you money or even keep you out of jail.

In good times as well as bad, individuals and businesses rely on their lawyer’s advice to understand and secure legal rights and financial interests. Lawyers help clients with estate planning and business negotiations, as well as providing guidance to employees for personal injury matters and even in family law matters. With good legal advice, individuals and businesses are better prepared for handling the curve balls life may throw at them.

It’s also a lot easier to rest easily after consulting with an experienced Las Vegas lawyer for important undertakings such divorce, personal injuries, criminal proceedings, custody cases or even routine traffic tickets. The stress that comes with a legal problem can be easily quelled by discussing your matter, confidentially, with a qualified Las Vegas attorney. A good attorney can take away the stress, hassles, and worries of dealing with your legal situation.

In many cases, going it alone will find you in way over your head very quickly. Sometimes, when people try to save themselves the money of hiring an attorney, people don’t realize the consequences of self-representation until it is too late. For example, in a simple auto accident case, an insurance company may make you feel guilty for seeing a doctor, and try to get you to take the easiest — and least expensive way out. It may seem easier to just take a settlement, but failure to obtain adequate legal advice can leave you with unpaid medical bills, long term pain and suffering and lost time from work. In hiring a personal injury attorney, you’re interests and rights are protected.

Even if you choose to go it alone, you may consider consulting with an attorney to determine your legal rights. A consultation with an experienced attorney may give you enough information to help you through a simple legal problem or at least, address your questions and give you some piece of mind. Often, attorneys will provide free consultations or consultations for a small fee to address your legal questions and offer legal advice. Whether you choose to hire the attorney after is up to you, but a short consultation is better than trying to take on a legal matter without any direction or advice from a professional.

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