Aggressive driving is all around us. 

Most of us see it every day – the road racer, the red light runner, the tailgater, the frequent lane changer. 

Nevada traffic laws make aggressive driving an offense in and of itself. 

And lately, the police have little patience for aggressive drivers. 

What Is Aggressive Driving Exactly?

If a driver speeds, creates an immediate hazard and commits two other offenses such as red light running or tailgating over the course of one mile, he may be prosecuted for aggressive driving independently of the other offenses. 

What Are The Penalties For Aggressive Driving?

Minimum penalties for the first offense of aggressive driving include: 

  • $250 fine 
  • Traffic school 
  • Possible driver license suspension 

If you have more than one offense for aggressive driving in a 2 year period, the Court MUST impose a one-year driver license revocation for a second conviction within two years. 

Are Road Rage And Aggressive Driving The Same Thing?

“Road rage” is considered only one part of aggressive driving behavior – the part which goes beyond traffic offenses into criminal activity.

What Should I Do If I Am Confronted With An Aggressive Driver?

If you are confronted with an aggressive driver, follow some of these tips and avoid an accident:

  •  Get Out of the Way. First and foremost make every attempt to get out of their way.
  • Put Your Pride Aside. Do not challenge them by speeding up or attempting to hold-your-own in your travel lane.
  • Avoid Eye Contact. Eye contact can sometimes enrage an aggressive driver.
  • Gestures. Ignore gestures and refuse to return them.
  • Report Serious Aggressive Driving. You or a passenger may call the police. If you use a cell phone, pull over to a safe location.

How Can I Avoid An Aggressive Driving Citation?

Don’t be a problem yourself. 

Like we stated above, aggressive driving can be a very costly ticket. 

To avoid an aggressive driving charge follow some of these driving rules:

  • Concentrate. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by talking on your cellular phone, eating, drinking or putting on makeup.
  • Relax. Tune the radio to your favorite relaxing music. Music can calm your nerves and help you to enjoy your time in the car.
  • Drive the Posted Speed Limit. Fewer crashes occur when vehicles are travelling at or about the same speed.
  • Identify Alternate Routes. Even if it looks longer on paper, you may find it is less congested.
  • Use Public Transportation. Public transportation can give you some much-needed relief from life behind the wheel.
  • Just be Late. If all else fails, just be late. A ticket or a crash will cost you much more time.

What Should I Do If I Get A Ticket For Aggressive Driving?

 If you are someone you know has been charged with aggressive driving, our traffic ticket attorneys can help. 

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