Tips If You Are In An Accident In Las Vegas

According to a recent report Las Vegas ranked 144 out of200 cities for driver safety. Las Vegas drivers are 21% more likely to have an accident than the national average and are estimated to have one accident every 8 years. 

A leading cause of automobile accidents in Las Vegas is driver distraction/inattention.  Reasons for driver inattention/distraction include: cell phone usage, eating while driving, passenger distractions and driving with pets in the car. 

Another leading cause of accidents in the Las Vegas valley is drunk drivers. With over8,000 arrests for DUI every year, Las Vegas leads the nation for DUI related accidents. 

Finally, Las Vegas is arranged in square mile blocks with 6 lane streets at square mile intervals. As a result, Las Vegas has gridlocked streets with stoplights posted every mile which equates to negligent driving resulting in a lot of car accidents. It is easy to see how an accident can happen in Las Vegas. While you may not be able to avoid an accident there are some things you can do if you are in an automobile accident including:

Be Prepared:

  • Have emergency flares, warning triangles or a set of cones in your trunk to help alert traffic
  • Keep a disposable camera in your car 
  • It also helps to have a pen and a card with any relevant medical information for you and your family
  • Keep a list of contact numbers for law enforcement agencies handy
  • Keep an Accident Kit including flashlights, reusable cameras, and accident documentation instructions
  • Know what your insurance covers. Don't wait until after an accident to find out your insurance will   not cover the cost of repair, towing or not cover the cost of repair, towing or rental cars 

Immediately after an accident

  • Keep safety first and only exit your vehicle if it is safe to do so
  • Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt
  • Turn on your vehicle's hazard lights and use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety
  • Call the police, even if the accident is minor
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, your vehicle and the if possible, any other vehicles involved in the accident
  • If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their information (name, phone number &  address)

Auto accidents are unexpected and stressful. Even the most careful drivers may be involved. If you are in an accident, our Las Vegas Accident Attorneys can help. Do not hesitate to contact us as at (702) 433-2889 for a free consultation or fill out our on-line form for more information.

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