5 Tips For Getting Divorced Fast


One of the first questions clients ask when pursuing a divorce is “how long will it take?” The time to get a divorce depends largely on how amicable both parties are, even in cases that are complex. If the parties are contentious and want to argue over everything, the divorce will take longer. If the parties agree to everything, a Nevada divorce can take roughly ten (10) days from filing to decree. If you want to get divorced, fast, consider these 5 tips:

1. Talk to your spouse before you file for divorce

In our experience handling thousands of divorce cases, no divorce has ever gone quickly or smoothly when the other side was shocked by receiving divorce papers. This usually creates animosity and hurt feelings causing the other side to dig in and fight, even when there is nothing worth fighting for. If you know divorce is imminent, talk to your spouse before you file. Explain what it is you want and try to get agreements with your spouse. If you can agree on everything, you can file a joint petition and be divorced in a matter of days. Even if you cant agree on everything, you will have significantly narrowed the issues for a divorce trial, which will make the process go faster.

2. Try mediation before you file or immediately after filing for divorce.

This statement is particularly true if you have children. Custody is usually the biggest hurdle in every divorce case. A good mediator can help both parties arrive at agreements concerning visitation schedules, holidays, child support and other matters. Mediation is usually cheaper than hiring attorneys and most mediators can see parties quickly as opposed to waiting weeks or months to see a judge. Mediation in custody cases is required by the Clark County Family Court. If you attend mediation before you file for divorce, you may be able to save yourself time and money once the case gets going.

3. Give up the notion of “winning” your divorce case.

In family law, the only people who win in long, drawn out divorces are the attorneys. In all of my years as a family law attorney I still have not figured out how someone “wins” in divorce or custody. Is it getting primary custody, alimony, the house? The best advice we can give to resolving a divorce quickly is to figure out what you really want from the divorce and why you want it. Do you want primary custody because that’s what you want, or because your, soon to be ex, is an abusive, alcoholic? Examining what you want and why you want it will help you determine what issues you can resolve quickly and which things you need to fight for. Talking to an experienced attorney about what you want from the divorce will help you determine whether your goals for the divorce are realistic.

4. Find an experienced family law attorney that you trust.

An experienced family law attorney will know how to draft solid agreements and be skilled in moving your paperwork through the court efficiently. On the other hand, a brand new lawyer or one that doesn’t have experience in divorce cases might struggle with which documents to file or the timing of matters in a divorce case. This can delay your divorce days or even months. Likewise, it can be tempting to file the paperwork yourself. However, this can also cost time and money. Even in the simplest of cases, there are no less than five (5) documents that must be filed with the court in order to be divorced. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side, can save you time and money.

5. Be transparent with your attorney.

If you find that the other side wants to fight the divorce no matter what, be transparent with your attorney and the judge. Make sure your lawyer knows exactly what it is you want from the divorce. Make sure you have disclosed all of your assets and debts to the attorney and make sure your attorney is aware of any and all circumstances that might keep you from getting equal time with your children. In cases where clients have told us everything, we are prepared and ready for what may come our way and therefore, we can move the case quickly to a resolution. Alternatively, in cases where we are blindsided by something our client didn’t tell us, we usually need more time to figure out the issues to try to resolve them. This results in delays in the case which delays the divorce.

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Becca Holton

Jan 18, 2018 18:13 PM PST

I'll let my aunt know that she should try mediation because she has kids. Her children are the one thing that makes her hesitate about getting a divorce. It sounds like her divorce will go by smoothly if she hires a good attorney and tries mediation.

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